Victorious Alnwick halt losing streak in style

Alnwick Rugby Football Club news and match reports.
Alnwick Rugby Football Club news and match reports.

Alnwick ended a dispiriting run of defeats in style this afternoon with a 61-12 drubbing of Horden.

The Northumbrians got the boost they needed with their first North One East victory in the six games.

Alnwick, who started the game third off bottom in the league, with Horden propping up the table, saw the visitors score first but Alnwick soon broke back to take the score to 14-5.

Twenty-five minutes in, Moralee got a second, converted by O’Grady. 21-5. A bonus point took the tally to 26-5.

In the second half, with the wind towards the club. Shell was away under the posts, 33-5.

Alnwick’s third penalty try from a scrum in three games put the points at 40-5.

Five minutes later, coach Walton made some changes – M Gray on for Ellis and Bulmer on for I Gray.

With Horden tiring, Shell got a second with O’Grady’s conversion in off the post from touch. 47-5.

Soon after, Shell intercepted from 22 for his hat-trick, again converted by O’Grady. 54-5.

Morales finished things off, with the final tally 61-12.

Full match report in Thursday’s Northumberland Gazette.