University challenge

Newcastle University I...2

Alnwick I...2

AFTER a long day away to Hull on Saturday, Alnwick travelled to Newcastle for their fixture on Sunday.

The visitors started the stronger side, putting pressure on the Newcastle defence and it didn’t take long for Alnwick’s first goal, Cook carrying the ball along the back-line, bypassing all of the Newcastle defenders and slotting the ball past the keeper.

From the re-start, Newcastle applied pressure but their efforts weren’t rewarded and they began to get frustrated and made simple errors.

Alnwick took full advantage of this and were unlucky on several occasions not to increase their lead.

Newcastle started the better team in the second half but Alnwick were committed in their tackling but were being punished for their efforts by the umpire, giving the university side possession and they managed to score on a quick break.

Alnwick kept on battling and were eventually rewarded with a penalty-corner.

With the strike just off-target, Reed managed to get her stick on it to deflect it in to the back of the net.

Both teams now were working hard and Alnwick were unlucky to concede a goal from a penalty-corner with five minutes left.

Alnwick: C Frew, S Horne, R Allen, N Richardson, E Brown, A Cook, L Lincoln, J Oates (pom), R Murray, C Britton, T Graham (c), C Reed, J Humphries. Match sponsor: R Manners & Sons.