Trophy success at the double for Seconds

Alnwick 2nd team shield winning  photo
Alnwick 2nd team shield winning photo

Alnwick II...9 Newcastle III...2

THE first game of the day was for the semi-final of the Northumberland Women’s Shield competition.

Alnwick took an early lead with E Brown getting two goals from open play, slipping the ball past the keeper (2-0).

Newcastle fought back, making some breaks but were held up by strong defence from E Fairbairn, who, alone in a four-versus-one situation, managed to snatch the ball.

Young worked hard on the right, getting the ball to Graham and always looking for space.

Alnwick were awarded a penalty corner with E Brown taking a straight strike on target (3-0).

This was soon followed by another short-corner injected by Reed to Dawson, who moved the ball into the D and slipped it to E Brown, who took the half-time score to 4-0.

In the second half, a great pass through from Dawson found Graham, who drove the ball along the back-line to push it past the keeper’s right foot (5-0).

Fighting hard, Newcastle got a chance and put the ball just out of reach of keeper Taylor’s foot (5-1).

Quick play by Alnwick found Graham who used a reverse stick to hit the ball into the goal (6-1).

Newcastle didn’t give up and got a second goal for 6-2. Graham’s third goal came from a powerful hit from Frewy, which rocketed down most of the pitch, where she collected it and sent it past the keeper (7-2).

With Broom tackling, taking and running at pace, before passing to L Brown, the ball was again fired at the Newcastle goal.

Impressive teamwork from Alnwick saw the ball passed out to S Fairbairn and back round looking for space to get it back into the D. McKeekin slipped the ball around the inside of the left post.

Alnwick’s win was sealed with E Brown’s fifth and final goal, taking Alnwick into the final against Jesmond Parish Church (9-2).

Player-of-the-match: E Fairbairn.

Alnwick II...3 Jesmond Parish Church...0

WITH a quick break to refuel, Alnwick were back on the pitch for the big final battle.

Having met JPC a couple of times in the season, Alnwick knew they would have to put up a strong fight.

JPC had two key players, who, when breaking free, had the potential to be a dangerous pair.

Quick thinking from Taylor, coming out of the goal to take on the opposition player, kept Alnwick safe.

Alnwick had the possession and a few chances but couldn’t make it count

Frantic passing and chasing from both teams lead to a 0-0 half-time score.

In the second half, Alnwick calmly stuck close to their opposite players in defence. Gregory made some crucial tackles to keep JPC at bay.

Soon though, Alnwick were back in their winning ways, with two goals from E Brown and one from Graham, all skilfully slotted in on reverse sticks.

A gutsy, determined and committed game by the entire team meant a winning performance and a reclaiming of the Shield Trophy for a second year.

Alnwick: L Taylor, E Fairbairn, C Frew, H Gregory, E Young, S Fairbairn, J Broom, T Graham, S Dawson, L Brown, E Brown, J McKeekin, C Reed. Player-of-the-match: H Gregory.