Travellers keep up their winning form

Alnwick Premier Darts League

In Division A, early leaders and favourites The Travellers strengthened their squad even further by fielding Northumberland County A player Andy McClure in their line-up.

And he didn’t disappoint, playing a pivotal role in the team’s 6-1 win at TeamDinga.

Kev Fletcher hit a 180 for The Travellers.

The George beat AWMC B 5-2, although Dave Laidler hit a 180 for the B with teammate John Dennis checking out on 103.

The Oddies B suffered a 7-0 whitewash, losing to the Bottles A.

Dave Covell finished on 106 and veteran Billy Friar hit a 180 for the Bottles.

It was the same scoreline as a rejuvenated John Bull, with Lee Harrison back in their line-up, beat the Bottles Boys, with Julian Gipps checking out on 105 for the Bull.

In Division B, the bottom-of-the-table clash saw Alnwick Golf Club go down 5-2 at home to the Oddfellows A.

There was some great darts played by both sides to belie their lowly league positions with the win seeing the Oddies climb a couple of places.

AWMC A enjoyed a 7-0 win over Shilbottle B.

But Shilbottle A maintained their number one spot with a 6-1 win over the Market Tavern.

Dave Gray of Shilbottle was on fire hitting two 180s in the match.

The Hotspur managed to complete their fixture at home to AWMC C with the Club winning 5-2.

Unfortunately though, despite the great efforts of landlord Peter Munro, unless players come forward this week to help the team, it looks very likely that the Hotspur will be forced to withdraw from the league.

This would be immensely disappointing for all concerned.