Tony keeps on hauling them in

Tony Robinson from Howtel with his 13lb 4oz rainbow he caught from Chatton Lake.
Tony Robinson from Howtel with his 13lb 4oz rainbow he caught from Chatton Lake.

There has been some welcome sun this week, but that cold breeze is still there, writes Bob Smith.

A varied week with a day off to fish the Tweed. It was a lovely sunny day with a blue sky, but with that strong cold easterly wind blowing directly upstream.

There was a little bit of water in, six inches, and because of the conditions the ghillie advised us to spin. In the morning I fished the upper section of the beat from the bank and from the boat.

Nothing from the bank, but it was a different story from the boat. I hooked and landed a a nice fresh sea trout of nearly 5lbs.

Half a dozen casts later, I was into a stronger, bigger fish. It went all over the river but eventually came to the net and showed itself to be a spring salmon of about 7lbs.

Meanwhile, my fishing companion was fishing the lower section of the beat from the bank and had four takes. Two fish came off, one was a small kelt and the other was a beautiful 14lb springer. The fish put up a tremendous fight and was then returned to the river.

His fish were all taken on a large zebra toby, while mine were taken on a black flying C.

During the afternoon my friend got nothing from the boat and I returned a kelt of around 5lb from the bank.

Coaching at Chatton Trout Fishery midweek was good fun and the sun was shining. A friend was fishing while I was giving a lesson, and as well as a landing a number of 2-3lb fish, he also landed an 18lb and 13lb trout.

The first fish came from the left-hand arm of Chatton lake, while the second came 10 minutes later from the centre arm of the same lake. Both fish were caught on a small copperhead.

A couple of days later I returned to Chatton to introduce a father and daughter to fly fishing. Having never fly fished before they were both pleased to catch fish.Their trout were returned to Ross Lake after removing the small barbless blue buzzers.

At the same time Tony, who caught the two doubles earlier in the week, was fishing again. He had a few fish before, believe it or not, he hooked and landed another double-figure fish.

Seeing it from across Ross Lake, the fish must have been at least 12lbs. Three double-figure trout in three days is good going, congratulations.

I also spent a day on the Coquet, at a private stretch, showing a guy how to fish a river. He had never been on a river fishing before.

We spent the day practising how to cast when surrounded by trees and vegetation,we discuss the safety aspects, and we looked at some basic entomology. He wants to go again, so that is the acid test.

A friend was visiting from Northampton, so we had a session at Coldingham Loch.

It was overcast, raining and that cold easterly wind was evident again. Fishing from the bank with floating lines was not easy, but we had a few fish on black buzzers with red cheeks.

Talking to the guys in one boat, they said they had 11 fish to the net using intermediate lines and predominately damsel-type flies.

Generally it has been a good week at the still waters.

Chatton had more than 140 anglers who caught 818 trout. This fishery will remain open until 8pm from next week.

South Linden Fishery has produced some good fish this week. A couple of 11lb fish came to the net and there were some excellent bags of trout. South Linden will have no public fishing a week on Saturday and Sunday, April 20 and 21, as the fishery is hosting the Game Anglers Instructors Association weekend.

Members of the public can go along to see and participate in a number of activities.

Casting instruction will be available free for those who wish to try it.

There is an entry fee for adults but youngsters who are accompanied get in free.

Fontburn Reservoir has had 88 anglers who averaged two trout each. Best trout caught weighed 6lbs and the best bag was 17¼lbs.

Another 700 trout were stocked this week with another double stocking going in soon.

The first spring salmon has been caught on the Federation stretches of the Coquet, near Warkworth.

The 6lb fish was caught on Monday at 6pm by Gordon Black.

The Federation beats have had their first brown trout stocking of the year.

One thousand trout between 11 and 13 inches were stocked in every stretch of the Federation waters.