’Tis the season to be running for Harriers

Alnwick Harriers

There was once again a superb number of Alnwick Harriers taking part in the North East Harrier League cross-country fixture at Jarrow on December 15.

Thirteen males, 10 females and a large number of Junior Harriers wore the red, black and yellow hooped vests with pride in all the races.

Due to the large amount of recent rain and snow, the conditions were far from ideal on this flat course, and by the time the women set off parts of the course were like no man’s land.

Best performance of the day came in the Boys’ U17 race where James Bolam and Daniel Leng finished second and third. Their heroics helped the U17 Boys’ team secure another first position.

Running with a 1min 15secs handicap in the U15 Boys’ race, Adam Weightman posted the third fastest time in his category as did Rosie Murton in the U15 Girls.

The U15 Girls’ team came second overall.

Among the Juniors there were also notable performances from Jenny Bolam and Lucy Embleton.

For the women’s team, Pauline Aitchison made her first appearance in an Alnwick vest, running on loan as a second claimer from Wooler.

Pauline ran well, finishing as first counter in 21st place with Tracey Sample and Annabel Lillico the others.

Despite notable absentees from the women’s squad, the club still managed to finish sixth of the 21 clubs in the Second Division on the day.

Finally for the men, Bruce Crombie ran well from the Medium Pack finishing as first counter.

He was followed closely home by the other counters Richard Agan, Mark Miller, Danny Richardson, Mike Telfer and Jim Lillico.

Alnwick Tri’s Geoff Whitman made an impressive Harriers debut almost catching Jim to be sixth counter.

Female Harrier results (sixth of 21 teams in Division Two): 21 Pauline Aitchison (S) 29.49; 73 Tracey Sample (S) 31.46; 102 Annabel Lillico (S) 32.53; 112 Bridget Peberdy (S) 33.36; 116 Sue Bolam (S) 34.11; 123 Ruth Doctor (S) 34.54; 127 Denise Drummond (S) 35.13; 133 Claire Spencer (S) 35.23; 155 Claire Hiscock (S) 38.13; 161 Diana Weightman (S) 40.09.

Male Harrier results (seventh of 11 teams in Division Two): 105 Bruce Crombie (M) 37.42; 108 Richard Agan (S) 37.46; 118 Mark Miller; 291 Dave Henderson (S) 42.25; 300 Graham Skirrow (S) 43.05; 313 Mark Doctor (S) 43.43; 357 Phil Baston (S) 46.19; 374 John Cockburn (S) 49.01.

Juniors – U11s Mixed: 28 Oliver Telfer 4.42; 45 Max Breese 4.59.

Girls U13s: (fourth of 15 teams): 8 Jenny Bolam (S) 15.55; 17 Amy Thorne (F) 16.27; 24 Layla Shafiq (F) 16.47; 40 Cora Drummond (S) 19.02; 41 Matilda Leng (S) 19.10.

Girls U15s (second of 12 teams): 3 Rosie Murton (F) 15.07; 10 Lucy Embleton (S) 15.40; 18 Beth Lewington (S) 16.42; 22 Charlotte Baston (S) 17.24.

Boys U13s results (not enough to register in team result): 18 Ben Kelly (F) 14.57; 30 Daniel Fletcher (F) 15.20.

Boys U15s (fifth of the 15 teams): 6 Adam Weightman (F) 13.40; 14 Adam Shafiq (S) 14.17; 30 Daniel Mallen (S) 15.40.

Boys U17 (first of 15 teams): 2 James Bolam (S) 24.59; 3 Daniel Leng (S) 25.39; 17 Isaac Moss (F) 27.39; 24 Harvey Coxon (S) 31.31.

The next NEHL fixture is Wrekenton on February 9.

This is the first of the 2013 Grand Prix fixtures, so the club hope for a huge turnout of Harriers.

On December 16, there was success for Gay Eastoe in the Great Langdale Christmas Pudding 10k, near Ambleside.

Gay won the female 55 category, finishing 143rd in 54.03. Husband Richard was one second and one place further back.

Four Harriers took part in the Newcastle Parkrun on December 15. Just like last week, the course was muddy and slower than the usual fast flat course.

Results: 70 Phil Lee 23.49; 75 Kim Bronze 24.14; 117 Charlotte Baston 26.13; 119 Phil Baston 26.15.

On a bright and sunny morning, Alnwick Harriers started their seasonal festivities, this year at a changed venue, with the Christmas Handicap on December 16.

The route consisted of two laps starting from Warkworth beach track entrance along the picturesque Coquet Estuary and then on to Warkworth Beach along the sands, a distance of about 4.5 miles.

Fifteen runners turned up for the event, which is an increase on last year.

First to finish for the ladies and winning the cup was Denise Drummond, followed by Annabel Lillico in second place with the fastest female time on the day, and in third place was Benitta Pickersgill.

First male to complete his two laps was Phil Lee, winning yet another trophy for his huge collection. Second was Graham Skirrow and in third place was guest runner Jerry Grey.

Thanks to everyone who organised and helped with the event, especially Tracey Sample. Refreshments were served at the Black Bull in Warkworth, followed by the presentation.

Alnwick Junior Harriers - North East Harrier League (Jarrow)

Alnwick Junior Harriers were undeterred by the muddy conditions at the third fixture of the North Eastern Harrier League at Jarrow last weekend.

Held at Bedewell Park, it was the first time any of the Juniors had run here - with a return to the venue after an absence of nearly 10 years.

There were a number of excellent performances. Jenny Bolam and Lucy Embleton were both promoted into the fast packs of their respective categories as were James Bolam and Daniel Leng who finished second and third in the U17 Boys race.

The U15 Girls team came second overall and the U17 Boys team secured a comfortable first position again.

Running with a 1min 15secs handicap in the U15 Boys race, Adam Weightman posted the third fastest time in his category as did Rosie Murton in the U15 Girls.

Full Results: U11 Mixed: Oliver Telfer (28th) 4:42; Max Breese (45th) 4:59.

U13 Girls (fast pack handicap 1:20): Jenny Bolam (eighth) 15:55; Amy Thorne (17th, fast pack) 16:27; Layla Shafiq (24th, fast pack) 16:47; Cora Drummond (40th) 19:02; Matilda Leng (41st) 19:10.

U15 Girls (fast pack handicap 1:20): Rosie Murton (third, fast pack) 15:07; Lucy Embleton (10th) 15:40; Beth Lewington (18th) 16:42; Charlotte Baston (22nd) 17:24.

U13 Boys (fast pack handicap 1:15): Ben Kelly (18th, fast pack) 14:57; Daniel Fletcher (30th, fast pack) 15:20.

U15 Boys (fast pack handicap 1:15): Adam Weightman (sixth, fast pack) 13:40; Adam Shafiq (14th) 14:17; Daniel Mallen (30th, fast pack) 15:40.

U17 Boys (fast pack handicap 2:20): James Bolam (second) 24:59; Daniel Leng (third 25:39; Issac Moss (17th, fast pack) 27:39; Harvey Coxon (24th) 31:31.