Street combat seminar spreads the word

A STREET combat seminar is being held to widen the knowledge of participants on self-protection, writes Sean O’Connor.

The open seminar is being held at the Willowburn Sports Centre, Alnwick, Northumberland, on Sunday, August 14.

Hosted by DFM Martial Arts, the course will feature directional fighting method, evasive self-defence combat system and self-defence federation methods and principles.

A fourth system taking part in the course will shortly be revealed.

Phil Doherty, co-chief instructor of DFM Martial Arts said: “This is looking as if it will be a great course for anyone wanting to learn new techniques and principles on street self-protection.

“Instructors John Barrass, of the ESDCS, and Rick Burns, of the SDF, have excellent backgrounds and knowledge in the self-defence and protection areas and participants will really gain a lot from their teachings.

“The course is open to all styles, systems and people.

“The only things participants must bring with them is their insurance book or certificate and water.”

Phil will be teaching the directional fighting method system on the five-hour course. It starts at noon and costs £20 per person.

Subjects taught will be how to defend against common strikes found in street violence such as punches, kicks and head-butts, ground-fighting defence, how to use the flinch concept, how to defend against weapons such as knives, guns and stick attacks and much more such as dirty fighting secrets.

Phil added: “We are really looking forward to training with Rick and John and exchanging ideas in this very important area of combat arts.

“The course will be very informative but it will also be fun and great chance to meet others.”

The directional fighting method clubs train every Wednesday from 7.30pm. Beginners welcome.

Anyone wanting to book a place or join Directional Fighting Method should phone Phil on 0191 4146375 or email: