Slow start costly

Norton I...4 Alnwick I...4

ALNWICK set off for their away fixture with high hopes of a victory.

However, it was Norton who began the match more alert and focused on winning.

The Teesside team were quick to send their players upfront and it was not long before their overpowering of Alnwick’s defence of Horn, Oates and Richardson succeeded with a goal.

This was promptly followed by a short-corner providing the away side with a second.

Despite Alnwick’s rising determination they continued to fail to gain full control and were interestingly awarded a flick against them as Richardson attempted to save a goal.

The Norton team made the most of the controversial decision as their striker convincingly put a ball past Graham in the bottom right of the goal, making the score 0-3.

This alarming score was the shock that Alnwick needed.

They became focused and played with conviction, taking control of the attacking opposition and working the ball around.

This enabled them to use the midfield of Reid, Lincoln, Cook and Sparrow to full advantage.

Lots of play in the Norton circle saw Britton score the first goal for Alnwick (3-1).

This pointed the way for the team as not long after they made the most of their attacking short-corners and Reid added another goal.

Sparrow followed suit by making the most of Alnwick’s space, creating play and firing a strong strike into the back of the net for 3-3.

The flurry of goals was aided by some great short-corner play and Britton added another to the scoresheet before half-time, making the score 4-3 to Alnwick.

The second half remained mostly in Alnwick’s control but Norton made a couple of good breaks and despite Alnwick’s good covering back, Norton managed to get another in the net.

Alnwick fought back with valiant effort but could not make the most of the attacking balls through to Pettifer and Brown. Therefore, at the full-time whistle the score stood at a disappointing 4-4.

Alnwick: T Graham, S Horn, J Oates, N Richardson, C Reid, L Lincoln, A Cook, H Sparrow, G Pettifer, C Britton and E Brown.Player-of-the-match: C Britton. Match sponsor: John Bull Letter Draw.