Shooting back up

Alnwick Bowling Club

ALNWICK bowlers won promotion back to Division One of the Northumberland Bowling Association Clegg Cup league.

Going into their last game of the season, they needed one point to make sure against Tynemouth but in the end they beat the seaside club by 11 points to three.

They won two games; drawing one and losing the other but were well up overall on shots. It was only the host club’s second defeat at home this season.

Surprisingly, Rothbury and Benfield, the two clubs below Alnwick, with the latter having an outside chance of overtaking Alnwick, decided not to play.

As a result, after an 18-game season, Alnwick ended as runners-up, just seven points behind the league champions Collingwood and six points in front of third-placed Walker.

They finished with the highest shots-for in the league, on plus 217 shots.

John Hume beat his national finals partner Roger Turnbull for the Willcox Cup, the club’s two-wood championship. It was a close game, with Hume running out winner 21-15.

The John Levy-organised Friday triples has been running throughout the season.

Friday saw the final round and the overall winner was Ray Topping followed by Bernard Level and Michael Inkster.

In their re-arranged Northumberland Bowling Association A Division Nines League, Alnwick travelled to Tyneside on Friday and were beaten by the Willows 6-2.

They are hoping that with North Kenton withdrawing from the league earlier in the season only two teams would be demoted.

If that is confirmed, Alnwick will now have two teams in the senior division of the county leagues.

Sunday saw the final of the TE Hall triples with four teams competing.

The teams were: George Heron, Bob Bingham and Ronnie Givens (s); Dorothy Topping, Joyce Harper and Ray Topping (s); Geoff Mills, Mavis Liddle and Ken Liddle (s) and Yvonne Turner, George Turner and Dougie Miller.

The result saw the reverse of last year’s competition, with the runners-up George Heron, Bob Bingham and Ronnie Givens unbeaten to win from last year’s winners, Joyce Harper and Dorothy and Ray Topping.

The final of the championship of private clubs in Northumberland for the Oubridge Cup at the Amble green on Sunday saw the Alnwick representative Tom Peart win his first game against Eddie Skelly from Tweedmouth.

But he was eventually beaten by the winner of the trophy, Gordon Case from Berwick.