Seconds slump

Northumbria St George’s...10

Alnwick II...1

AFTER last week’s excellent result, the seconds were keen to maintain their position on top of the league but they knew it was going to be a tough game.

In gale force winds, Alnwick put up a gutsy fight and tried to keep spirits up, but they were blown back to reality that more fitness is needed. Northumbria out paced Alnwick with their quick play and skilled stick work.

Northumbria had numerous short corners, challenging the quick reactions of Chambers who was constantly being fired at making some great saves.

Unfortunately, a few sneaked through taking it to 3-0.

With strong passing between Sparrow, Lincoln and Broom, a break was made towards Northumbria’s goal. Fairbairn then took on the keeper and slipped the ball past her, making sure Alnwick got on the scorecard.

Northumbria came back to show their strength with two further goals.

In the second half, Alnwick used the pitch, creating more space and performed more accurate passing.

But Northumbria’s standard remained high and as Alnwick tired they kept Chambers busy. She tried to deflect the balls which were coming at pace from all angles and heights. With an ever-increasing number of short corners, Northumbria had many chances to increase their tally.

A disappointing result for Alnwick, but they will be sure to get back on form for next weekend against Newcastle 4s.

Alnwick: C Chambers, S Roberts, K Leung, H Pringle, C Frew, J Fornea, H Sparrow, R Hopkins, B Satterly, J Broom, S Fairbairn, A Lincoln. Team player and opposition player-of-the-match: C Chambers.

Alnwick thanked match sponsor RWL Leisure.