Seconds ousted from Shield

Alnwick II...2 Tyndale...3

AFTER two frost-postponed matches and a no-show from JPC, Alnwick were fired up and ready to go for this Shield match.

However, they were to be kept waiting in the wings for a delayed men’s match to be played.

Alnwick were the stronger side in the first 15 minutes and saw numerous chances just going wide of the post.

Tynedale unfortunately broke through the Alnwick defence and slipped it past the keeper (0-1).

Some fast stick play by Graham beat the Tynedale midfield and defence to even the score (1-1).

This was shortly repeated by Graham to take Alnwick into the lead (2-1).

A half-time loss of a player due to the late start and a major team reshuffle meant Alnwick took time to get used to their new positions.

Tynedale kept breaking the ball through to their centre-forward, who managed to get the ball into the back of the goal (2-2).

Alnwick had a chance with Straker taking the ball with pace up the right-wing but she just couldn’t get the ball into the D.

Broom, working hard on the level and putting in some mileage, just couldn’t quite get the ball through for the forwards.

Tynedale then took another chance and, despite the strong defence of Fornea, they eventually got through (2-3).

In the last 15 minutes, Alnwick came back with much more of a fight and worked well together.

There was much stronger play and numerous short-corners, but they just couldn’t finish their chances.

Ultimately, it was disappointing defeat for Alnwick in the Shield match.

Next Sunday, Alnwick play Medics II at Longhirst at 1pm.

Alnwick II: L Taylor, H Gregory, J Fornea, C Frew, E D Fairbairn, J Broom, S Fairbairn (c), T Graham, J McKeekin, E Straker, A Lincoln, T Robson. Player-of-the-match: J Broom. Opposition play-of-the-match: J Fornea.