Seconds let victory slip

Jesmond Parish Church...1

Alnwick II...1

ALNWICK Seconds travelled to Jesmond hoping to win on Saturday morning, after previously winning the home game against JPC.

From the start of the game, Alnwick had the majority of possession.

Lincoln dodged past many of the opposition and the strikers had many attempts at goal. It didn’t take long for Alnwick to be awarded a short corner, from which Fornear fired in the ball. Lincoln took a shot and Straker finished it by slipping into the corner of the goal.

After the first goal, JPC challenged Alnwick and pressurised the defence. Roberts coped well with the pressure and cleared the defensive quarter many times. Dawson held the ball well and completed many accurate passes to the strikers.

Unfortunately, JPC got a goal from a short corner in the second half.

Alnwick had good team spirit and worked hard, but the game ended in a draw.

Alnwick: L Taylor, K Leung, C Frew (c), S Roberts, E Fairbairn, S Fairbairn, S Dawson (pom), H Pringle, J Fornear, J Broom, E Straker, A Lincoln. Match sponsor: RWL Leisure.