Seconds get winning start

Newcastle III...1 Alnwick II...2

IT was the first game of the season and although Alnwick were putting out a fairly young side they had the determination and energy to start the season with a win.

For the whole of the first half, it remained even with both sides taking chances. Newcastle played down the centre and Alnwick made use of the wings.

The visitors supported each other well and pushed up but Newcastle defended strongly.

As the ball went from end to end, Newcastle had a few chances but Alnwick’s defence also remained unpassable with strong tackling from Taylor, Liddle and Roberts.

After half-time, Newcastle made a break and skilfully took a strike into the far corner of the goal out of reach of keeper Linzi Taylor (1-0).

Alnwick kept their heads high and fought back, getting a short corner which Lincoln fired into the goal (1-1).

Alnwick again took their opportunities when they arose and worked hard, with Lincoln taking a free hit outside the D, moving it in and hitting on target for the keeper to lift her foot at the wrong time as it powered in (1-2).

Taylor made some great saves and, in the last minute, Newcastle got a short corner. However, Alnwick worked well together to clear it out just as the whistle was blown for full-time.

A strong performance for the start of the season.

Alnwick: L Taylor, S Roberts, L Taylor, A Liddle, H Pringle, E Young, S Fairbairn (c), S Dawson, E Straker, L Brown, A Lincoln, H Todd. Player-of-the-match: Leanne Taylor.