Results from the sea anglers

Angling news.
Angling news.

Alnwick and Amble both feature

Alnwick Sea Angling

Calmer seas made it was harder to catch this week, but those who found some movement were rewarded with fish.

John Stephenson won the match with a good bag of seven codling for 13lb this also included the heaviest fish of 3lb 13½.oz.

Second was Willy Morton with two cod for 6lb 15oz.

Other anglers weighing in were Anthony Gibbison, two cod, one flounder, 5lb 4½oz; Steve Scott, three cod, 5lb 1½oz; Ian Hall, three cod, 3lb 13oz; Andrew Stanton, two cod, 2lb 7oz; Patrick Porteous, two cod, 2lb 4½oz; Mickey Buck, one cod, 1lb 12½oz; Steve McKee, one cod, 1lb 6oz; Roberto Peruzzo, one cod, 1lb 5½oz; Kevin Donnelly, one cod, 1lb 1oz.

Amble Sea Angling Club

Results: Les Weller, four cod, one flat, 10lb 7oz; Kevin Rutherford, three cod, 6lb 6½oz; Ken Middlemist, eight flats, 6lb 3oz; Craig Middlemist, two coalies, two flats, 5lb 2½oz; Gary Arkle, three cod, 3lb 15oz; Ian Harrogate, two cod, one flat, 3lb 3¼oz; George Spuhler, two cod, 2lb 10¾oz; Colin Dawson, three whiting, one flat, 2lb 7¾oz; Shane Price, three flats, 2lb 2¼oz; Jacek Juszczyk, one cod, one coalie, 1lb 13¾oz; Zac Aynsley, one flat, 13¼oz; Gordon Holland, one flat, 8¾oz.

Heaviest fish: Kevin Rutherford, 4lb 1½oz. Heaviest flatfish: Ken Middlemist 1lb 2¾oz.

Craig had two nice coalies, 2lb and 1lb 13 oz. Good fish from the shore.

Singles draw: Craig Middlemist v Jacek Juszczyk; Shane Price v Colin Dawson; Ken Middlemist v Kevin Rutherford; Zac Aynsley bye.

The November meeting is tonight, 7.30pm start at the Radcliffe Club.

New members always welcome.