Alnwick Amateur Boxing Club prize-giving.
Alnwick Amateur Boxing Club prize-giving.

Alnwick Amateur Boxing Club celebrated another successful campaign at its end-of-season barbecue and prize-giving ceremony.

The club has had a very busy time, with a host of fighters going far and wide to do battle in the ring.

The organisation also hosted a well-attended home show at The Alnwick Garden in April.

Club chairman Gary Pattinson said: “It has been a great season for Alnwick ABC.

“We have completed all over the UK, from Torquay in the south, Hawick and Edinburgh in Scotland, Port Talbot in Wales, Bristol and many venues around our region, totalling 25 bouts with seven boxers.

“This is expected to rise to 14 boxers next season.

“These are certainly busy times ahead for Alnwick ABC.”

The club’s best boxer award went to Jessica ‘Mo Cuishle’ Pattinson, who has developed so much over the past 18 months. Three of her last four bouts were split decisions and all four were praised for being the best fight of the night.

The youngster is the club’s first representative in an open competition and is the first female Bristol Box Cup champion.

Ruben ‘Hurricane’ Law was presented with an award for best attendance throughout the season.

The accolade for the most-improved boxer for the season went to Shea ‘The Celtic Kid’ McNeill.

Best bout of the season went to Joel ‘The Jackal’ Tailford for his dramatic 48-hour turn-around, from boxing in Liverpool to competing in Port Talbot.