Ponteland lads overwhelmed

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Alnwick U13....63 Ponteland U13...0

FORCED onto the exposed ‘Sheep Field’ due to frozen pitches, Alnwick U13s started the return match against Ponteland with a commitment that was to last the whole game.

The squad was somewhat depleted and the weather bitter, but spirits were high as number eight Corey Alliston scored within the first minute and captain Alexander Tait, playing fly-half, added another five points only minutes later after an impressive run and great use of hand-offs.

This try was converted well by scrum-half Liam Liddle despite the blustery conditions.

Ponteland upped the ante and there was a tight 10 minutes in the Alnwick half as they attacked well. They tired eventually, though, against a strong Alnwick defence rallied by flanker Owen Davidson and centre Joe Hale was able to break free, leading to another Corey try.

The fourth try of the half was scored by prop Owen Yeouart after a strong Alnwick line-out from hooker John Christie.

Play returned to Alnwick’s half but the forwards battled hard with some strong tackling from Michael Robba, Dominic Case and Andrew Apthorpe, allowing Liam Liddle to escape and run almost the whole length of the pitch, only to be taken down close to the line by an impressive Ponteland tackle.

Fortunately, Alnwick’s support was close and centre Leon Craggs finished off with a score.

Half-time: Alnwick 27 Ponteland 0.

There were to be a further six tries in the second half but Ponteland battled until the end.

Number six was created by Edward Bell from the scrum with a swift pass to Alexander Tait who scored between the posts enabling Liam to convert easily.

The next three tries were all scored by Craggs, whose speed and determination were outstanding throughout the game and brought his individual total to 20 points.

Liddle added another two to the ever-increasing total. Forward Owen Yeouart scored his second try after a great team build-up.

Corey scored a hat-trick with the 11th and final try of the game but only after an impressive run by full-back Fraser Gorvett. Liam’s conversion brought the final score to Alnwick 63 Ponteland 0.

Alnwick: Alexander Tait (c), Liam Liddle, Edward Bell, Owen Davidson, John Christie, Leon Craggs, Joe Hale, Dominic Case, Andrew Apthorpe, Fraser Gorvett, Gabriel McMeakin, William Fair, Owen Yeouart, Corey Alliston, Andrew Frost, Yas Yilmaz, Michael Robba, Tom Wade.