Salmon on the Coquet prove elusive on first day of the season

Last Thursday was the start of the 2024 salmon season on the local rivers, writes Bob Smith.
The salmon fishing season on local rivers has started.The salmon fishing season on local rivers has started.
The salmon fishing season on local rivers has started.

As usual, the challenge was on to catch the first fresh spring salmon on the Federation stretches of the Coquet.

Seventeen anglers were on the Coquet trying to catch the first salmon.

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The river was in an ideal condition, carrying a good height and quite clear.

No fresh fish were caught on the first day, but a nice sea trout kelt of four pounds was caught and returned.

A salmon or sea trout kelt is a fish which has spawned and is returning to the sea.

A possible fresh salmon has been hooked but was lost before it could be netted.

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A few salmon kelts have been caught and returned in the favourite lower stretches of the river, namely the White Post and the Gravels.

This last week has been drier than late but we have experienced some strong, nearly gale force winds. Temperatures have been quite mild, but the wind has kept some still water anglers at home.

Those anglers who have braved the weather conditions have been rewarded with some good bags. Both Chatton and Thrunton Long Crag fisheries report some anglers have caught full bags of 20 trout in a single session.

Thrunton Long Crag has reported a number of anglers catching and returning full bags of trout, too. Some days have been more challenging than others but trout are feeding quite well.

One day I was there, anglers were finding it difficult to get takes in the morning, but after lunch rods were bending frequently on both lakes.

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