BOB SMITH: Thrunton Long Crag Fishery re-opens

Last Thursday Thrunton Long Crag Fishery welcomed anglers back, I called in briefly to see how things were going.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 10th March 2021, 2:02 pm
Updated Wednesday, 10th March 2021, 2:07 pm
Float tubing.
Float tubing.

I did not fish but around eight anglers were enjoying being back casting a line.

The trout had not seen a fly for a number of weeks so rods were being bent regularly. It was good to have a chat, socially distanced of course, with angling friends.

I noticed the fishery are in the process of building a wooden structure where anglers can shelter, or children can have parties adjacent to the bait lake.

Saturday morning saw a family with two small boys enjoying their experience on the bait lake.

The same morning, there were two guys float tubing in Long Crag Lake. A float tube is like an inflatable chair in which the angler sits and moves around the water by paddling with flippers on.

The two guys were catching trout too.

I actually cast a line for the first time this year at Chatton Fishery on Friday morning. I thought it was time I ventured forth to get some material for this article.

It was a cool morning, but the temperature had risen a few degrees before I reached the water.

I tried three different small flies in Chatton Lake for thirty minutes but failed to attract any attention.

I walked up to Dunnydeer Lake and changed my fly to an orange thorax Pheasant Tail Nymph which was unweighted.

I chose an unweighted fly because there were a number of trout rising in different parts of the lake.

As I extended my cast after each retrieve my line went tight during a cast along the bankside.

It’s months since I’ve had that feeling of being connected with a fighting fish. It was good to see my fly line zipping through the water being pulled by a fit Rainbow trout.

I changed my fly to a smaller nymph which had a tiny bead at the head.

Within ten minutes I was attached to a similar sized Rainbow, about three pounds. This fish too was fit and determined not to come to my net.

However, eventually it did, the fly came out while the trout was in the net, and I released the fish back to the water.

I was very happy with my two trout after the extended layoff. Other anglers were using lures and sinking lines which proved a very successful tactic. They were catching regularly In all three lakes.I’ve got to mention that the top of Cheviot was covered in snow which made a beautiful backdrop while I fished.

Northumbrian Anglers Federation have organised two long weekends to Discover the Coquet and River Fishing. Working with the Angling Trust, Northumberland Rivers Trust, Natural England, Northumberland Estates, and the Environment Agency they are inviting anyone who wishes to giver river fishing a try to come to Rothbury. Individuals, friends, families, companies or businesses can attend at no cost.

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No Environment Agency Rod Licence, or a Northumbrian Federation Permit is required to attend the two weekends.

This is an ideal opportunity to gain an insight into river fishing, have some fun and it’s all free.