Bob Smith: Anglers await lockdown review announcement

What a week weather wise! One day we had four inches of snow, which lay for three days.

Tuesday, 16th February 2021, 11:01 am
A cracking River Till Grayling caught by Bob Smith's friend Richard. Photo by Bob Smith

The wind was from the south east and was bitterly cold.

The car thermometer indicated minus six one morning, and then I’ve just walked my dog at eight in the evening and it’s decidedly warm!Fishing wise, I still have to cast a line this year! However, I have had my first injection against Corvid. It has given me a lift, but I’ve still got to wait two to three weeks before the vaccine gives me some protection. Hopefully the government is expected to announce some good news next week, about the lockdown restrictions we are living under at the moment. It’s a fingers crossed situation about travelling and how far we can go to fish.I had a chat with Anthony who manages Langley Dam Fishery jJust west of Hexham. The fishery is closed at the moment because of the virus, but he tells me that the lake has been frozen for most of this month. They are just waiting for new announcements before making any decisions of when to reopen the fishery.I went to Warkworth this week in the car and there was an angler salmon fishing just along the tidal stretch between the weir and Amble. It was bitterly cold, but the guy was wading in the river as it was dropping. I gather that no fresh spring salmon have been caught yet, although three or four rods have been trying most days.I have been trying to plan a few hours Grayling fishing recently, but the rivers have been in flood and carrying to much colour. Fishing the Till in particular has produced some really good Grayling sport. These attractive fish do tend to shoal up, especially in cold weather. Sometimes it’s not what flies or technique you use, it’s about finding the Grayling!I continue to tie flies a couple of hours each day to pass the time. I’ve spent more money having new materials being delivered so I can tie patterns I’ve never tied before. There is a full new fly box with all new patterns in it and I can’t wait to try them as soon as possible. Fishing is about many things, but anticipation plays a large part too. After next week I will think about casting a line somewhere quiet, but that might be a difficult problem to solve too.