Only one real surprise as first round of cup runs true to form

Kaims Country Park North

Northumberland League

The first round of the Glendale Cup, played last week, ran pretty much to form, the only real surprise being the 4-1 defeat of Alnwick by visiting Warkworth.


Goswick A 3.5 Alnmouth A 1.5

E Wilson lost to J Storey 1down; A Potts beat L Sutherland 1up; M Wilson halved with H Sutherland; A Terras beat J Hood 4 and 2; K Yule beat A Tate 4 and 3.

Magdalene Fields B 2 Percy Wood 3

N Deary lost to M Woodhouse 1down; G Wardhaugh beat J Jobson 3 and 2; N McLachlan beat S Burrows 4 and 3; C Foster lost to J Taylor 2 and 1; B Fairley lost to J Nicholls 1down.

Bamburgh 4 Dunstanburgh B 1

P Sanderson beat G Mallaburn 6 and 5; J Cairns beat M Brewis 4 and 3; M Dawson beat J Snowball 1up; A Mackay beat I Murdie 5 and 4; R Lumsden lost to D Williams 1down.

Seahouses 4 Goswick B 1

C Taylor lost to A Paton 4 and 3; SJ Priestley beat K Turnbull 3 and 2; J Hogg beat J Turnbull 2 and 1; G Hornsby beat M Jones 4 and 2; S Olver beat S Wilson 2 and 1.

Alnmouth Village 4.5 Burgham Park 0.5

RI Campbell beat R Dixon 3 and 2; K Armstrong beat A Wilson 4 and 3; N Holden halved with L Armstrong; N Davison beat G Waterston 3 and 2; S McKee beat G Hewitt 1up.

Dunstanburgh A 5 Wooler 0

M Carss beat S Lowrey 4 and 3; D Gilroy beat P Routledge 6 and 4; N Cairns beat M Redpath 4 and 3; D Saunders beat M Cowens 8 and 7; G Barber beat A Sharp 6 and 5.

Alnwick 1 Warkworth 4

J Friar beat I Common 5 and 3; G Ridley lost to R Balmbra 4 and 3; J Henderson lost to S Glass 2down; D Harrison lost to R Young 2 and 1; S Barron lost to G Henderson 5 and 4.

Alnmouth B 5 Rothbury 0

S Taylor beat M Clements 1up; D Weddell w/o v M Arkle; B Keenan beat C White 5 and 3; W Lawn beat N Rogerson 3 and 1; D Appleby beat A Richardson 3 and 2.