New cup proves a real knockout

THE normal mid-week matchplay programme gave way to a new knockout cup competition last week with the A and B Division teams in the North Northumberland Golf League having gone into the hat together.

The five-man teams are playing for the Glendale Trophy, provided by Wooler.

It replaces what was formerly the Seahouses Cup which now goes to the winners of the B Division.

A straight knockout event, the dates for the second round will be agreed between the teams but will exclude the Wednesday night matchplay.

The first round draw paired together the Alnmouth (Foxton) A and B teams against Goswick A and B, over the Foxton Hall course, and ended with honours even, one side going through from each club.


Percy Wood 4 Magdalene Fields B 1

M Woodhouse beat N Deary 6 and 5; J Jobson lost to S Young 2down; A Nicklen beat N McLachlan 4 and 2; J Scurfield beat K Nisbet 3 and 2; J Taylor beat C Forster 7 and 6.

Seahouses 2 Warkworth 3

S Olver lost to R Balmbra 4 and 3; SJ Priestley lost to R Young 4 and 3; T Gilholm beat G Henderson 1up; G Pearson lost to J Stone 1down; J Hogg beat S Glass 3 and 2.

Wooler 2 Linden Hall 3

S Lowrey beat S Johnstone 6 and 5; M Redpath lost to N Rushworth 2 and 1; P Routledge beat S Hornsby 1up; R Lowrey lost to P Basford 6 and 5; J Bissett lost to L Reeves 3 and 2.

Magdalene Fields A 5 Rothbury 0

K Atkinson beat A Stevenson 3 and 1; S Jackson beat AT Oliver 7 and 6; M Eden beat J Stevenson 5 and 4; P Richardson beat M Arkle 7 and 6; S Virtue beat M Dodd 1up.

Bamburgh 5 Dunstanburgh 0

P Sanderson beat G Stephenson at the 19th; M Dawson beat D Gilroy 3 and 2; J Moffet sen beat S Potts 2up; J Moffet jun beat D Glyde 6 and 4; A Smith beat P Kingsland 4 and 3.

Alnmouth (Foxton) B 2 Goswick B 3

L Sutherland beat K Turnbull 4 and 3; R Betteridge lost to M McGonigle at the 19th; J Storey sen lost to S Wilson 6 and 5; B Lawn beat M Wilson 2 and 1; J Macaffrey lost to A Terras 1down.

Alnmouth (Foxton) A 4 Goswick A 1

J Eggleston beat M Landels 3 and 2; J Southward lost to R McCulloch 6 and 5; A Tate beat A Rodger 7 and 6; J Hood beat G Greenaway 1up; S Taylor beat A Potts 3 and 2.

Alnwick 3.5 Alnmouth Village 1.5

G Ridley lost to RI Campbell 4 and 3; D Harrison beat N Davison 4 and 3; W Belisle beat S McKee at the 19th; S Barron halved with J Graham; D Swordy beat MJ Campbell 2 and 1.