Latest sea angling results

Amble Sea Angling Club

Results for Wednesday, July 25, fished on the Aln. (All flounder, catch and release): Steve Ayling, 10 fish, 8lb 6½oz; Marty Pygall, eight, 7lb ½oz; Stu Nicholson, seven, 4lb 15¾oz; Adam Burns, five, 3lb 15oz; Gordon Holland, five, 3lb 12¼oz; Jacek Juszczyk, three, 2lb 12oz; Norma Urwin, four, 2lb 6¾oz; Shane Price, three, 2lb ½oz; Jason French, two, 1lb 12oz; Amelia Urwin (J), three, 1lb 6¼oz; Ken Middlemist, two, 1lb 4¼oz.

Heaviest flat fish: Marty Pygall, 1lb 9½oz.

The next competition is on Wednesday, August 8, on the Aln, fishing from 6pm to 9.30pm.

Members were disappointed to find a number of dead fish along the Aln. Mackerel, coalies and flatfish had been discarded. those responsible should be ashamed. If you’re not going to eat your catch, put it back.