Lark flies to the finish

IN the River Aln Boat Club’s third race of the season, the commodore in the Enterprise, the treasurer in the Lark, Andrew Ackroyd in the Blaze, Pete Hammond in the Solo, Ted Lawson in the Wanderer and Steve Ellaby in the Mirror lined up on the start line.

The Solo was first over the line upwind of the Lark and Blaze. The Lark managed to undertake the Solo to reach clean air and the mark in first position.

Tacking up towards the Pan Leazes mark saw the Lark briefly go aground and the Blaze take the lead. After a couple more tacks, the Lark rounded the mark first.

The leg back up to the start line saw the Lark pull away from the Blaze a little and the Enterprise hold off the Solo and Wanderer. The Mirror continued bravely in a race of her own at the back of the fleet.

The positions however remained unchanged until the final lap.

Once the handicaps were calculated, the Lark won, followed by the Solo, Enterprise, Blaze, Mirror and Wanderer.

The race was enjoyed by all and really showed how challenging sailing can be in the Alnmouth estuary under light onshore conditions. The next race starts at 17.30 on June 19.