Lack of wind, visibility and beer

Coquet Yacht Club

Six boats signed on for Coquet Yacht Club’s race last Saturday – Jondalar, Medmerry, January First, Blue Note, Sanda Sund and Cbeagle.

On leaving the harbour, the fleet were confronted with an approaching fog bank.

The boats assembled at the start line and attempts on finding the best position for crossing the line were made.

January First opted for port, which meant approaching the line against the other boats but on a broad reach so hopefully having greater boat speed. The ploy payed off with January First crossing the line first in clean air.

As the fog descended and thickened, Blue Note decided to retire to the marina while he could still see the harbour walls. Then there were five sailing almost into oblivion as visibility between boats dwindled into faint outlines then nothing.

As the race continued, Medmerry called it a day and returned to the marina under engine.

January First decided against retiring and acrueing lots of points, thus possibly gifting the series to Sanda.

The fog lifted and descended again, muffling the three knots of wind to nothing.

After racing for well more than an hour-and-a-half, the race was abandoned due to lack of wind, lack of visibility, dropping tide and dwindling beer supplies.

Unofficial results, according to Rear Commodore Peter Coulthard: Sanda Sund should claim a first for getting the closest to the first mark; Blue Note should probably claim a first for retiring first; Medmerry II should probably claim a second as they retired second; January First would like to claim a first for being first over the start line; Jondalar would like to claim a first for being closest to the finish line when the race was abandoned and Cbeagle should be considered a first for being the first boat to be drank dry.

Saturday, June 14, sees the final of the spring series, 1pm briefing and 2pm scheduled start time. With only one point between Sanda in first and January First in second, there’s still all to play for.