Just what the doctor ordered for Alnwick

Alnwick IIs 4 Medics IIIs 1

After a couple of weeks of cancelled matches Alnwick were eager to get into the game.

Medics strolled leisurely onto the pitch, but Alnwick knew that despite their less than enthusiastic approach they were still a side to take seriously.

Alnwick were first to take advantage with a penalty corner powered in by Lincoln.

Medics responded with some quick-fire shots on goal but keeper Pope’s diving and kicking skills cleared the ball out wide.

Alnwick’s quick thinking and speedy play from the centre to quickly get it into the D for Lincoln to send a reverse stick hit in the goal, before Medics realised what was happening (2-0).

Medics were kept at bay for a while by the constantly strong tackling of Young, but once Medics broke they were dangerously quick paced towards goal. They were chased down a number of times by E Fairbairn, Frew and Nixon.

One occasion they broke with a long ball from halfway. Pope saved two shots but the third - a rebound off her pad - was sent in by the Medics attack (2-1).

Alnwick remained stronger with big hitting Frew sending a ball across the pitch to the opposite side for Brown to make a run towards goal.

Alnwick had a few chances but were awarded a short corner. Taken by S Fairbairn to Lincoln at top of the D, her strike on goal was defended but volleyed in at the post by S Fairbairn.

In the second half Taylor remained a pivot point to get the ball out to the wings with Broom and Robson making great passes down the line.

A hard cross in by Lincoln was accurately tapped in by Robson to extend Alnwick’s lead (4-1).

Despite some fancy stick work from Gregory, Alnwick couldn’t quite get the ball where they wanted it but managed to kept Medics away giving Pope a quieter second half.

A deserving win by Alnwick who next play Jesmond Parish Church at Longhirst on Sunday in the shield.

Team: D.Pope, E.Fairbairn, C.Frew, C.Nixon, L.Taylor, E.Young, S.Fairbairn, J.Broom, L. Brown, A.Lincoln, N.Robson & H.Gregory.

Player of match S.Fairbairn