Jake takes medals as Dolphins impress

HERE are the full results from the Northern Area Point-to-Point meeting on Sunday, December 11, at Ratcheugh Racing Club, Alnwick. Going – soft. (UR=unseated rider; PU=pulled up; R=refused; RR=refused to race).

NPPA Club Members: 1 Sacred Mountain, Miss C Walton, 7/4; 2 Master Sebation, Miss R McDonald, 6/1; 3 Monogram, Mr T Davidson, 4/1; 4 Qollioure, Miss K Bryson, 3/1; 5 Rathowen, Mr J Hamilton, 7/2; 6 Crashtown Hall, Miss E Dunkley, 33/1; 7 The Green Hat, Mr J Brown, 14/1.

UR Native Coll, Mr K Alexander, 8/1; PU Whiteabbey, Mr G Crow, 14/1.

Nine ran: Dist 3, Lth and 1/2 Lth.

2m 4f Open Maiden, Division One: 1 Ancient Times, Mr M Seston, 4/1; 2 Gin Cobbler, Mr T Davidson, 4/1; 3 Dust Packer, Mr G Crow, 8/1; 4 Some Lad, Mr W Kinsey, 5/1.

UR Into The Light, Mr R Linsay, 14/1; PU Bafana Choice, Mr N Orpwood, 12/1; PU Beaumont Boy, Mr R Wilson, 16/1; PU Bun Oir, Mr T Speke, 5/1; PU Mister Splodge, Mr M Walford, 5/2; PU Moscow Menace, Miss K Bryson, 12/1; PU Oaklands Something, Mr J Dawson, 8/1; PU The Scottish Soldier, Mr R Nichol, 14/1; PU Vannin, Mr D Thompson, 14/1.

13 ran, Dist 10 Lth and 14 Lth.

2m 4f Open Maiden, Division Two: 1 The Rustlin Rhino, Mr R Smith, 4/1; 2 Northern Flame, Mr K Alexander, 8/1; 3 Willofhisown, Mr A Richardson, 6/1; 4 Honest And True, Mr D Ockenden, 6/1.

UR Georges Street, Mr C Nichol, 5/2; R Raid Stane, Miss K Bryson, 6/1; PU A Splash Of Green, Mr M Seston, 6/1; PU Avinapaddy, Mr C McCormack, 6/1; PU Coole Murphy, Mr G Crow, 5/1; PU James Wyatt, Miss J Coward, 7/2; PU Mon Con, Miss E Young, 12/1; PU Sharivarry, Mr T Davidson, 4/1; PU Topaz Bay, Mr W Kinsey, 7/1.

13 ran, Dist 20 Lth and 10 Lth.

Ladies Open: 1 Sea Scout, Miss C Metcalfe, 7/2; 2 New Alco, Miss C Walton, 6/4; 3 Catch The Perk, Miss R McDonald, 33/1; 4 I See A Star, Miss E Stead, 25/1; 5 Letsgoromeo, Miss L Grey, 25/1; 6 Unowatimeen, Miss S Drake, 11/8.

PU Anns Benefit, Ms J Bond, 33/1; PU Classical Music, Miss K Bryson, 12/1; PU Kilbricken Rose, Miss J Walton, 50/1.

Nine ran, Dist 20 Lth and 10 Lth.

3m Open Maiden: 1 Highland Cathedral, Miss C Walton, 6/1; 2 Senor Alco, Mr T Davidson, 7/2; 3 Amulree, Mr C Alexander, 8/1; 4 The Fabricator, Mr C McCormack, 10/1; 5 Silver Feather, Mr M Seston, 3/1.

UR ChosenKeys, Ms J Bond, 14/1; PU Action Strasse, Mr J Dawson, 14/1; PU Ifyousayso, Miss J Coward, 3/1; PU Raid Stane, Mr R Nichol, 20/1; PU Riz Au Lait, Miss K Bryson, 8/1; PU Silver Knife, Mr N Orpwood, 16/1; PU Swell The Chorus, Mr R Linsay, 16/1; PU Threadneedlegun, Mr C Johnson, 5/1.

13 ran, Dist 20 Lth and 25 Lth.

Men’s Open: 1 See You There, Mr D Ockenden, 5/1; 2 Winterwood, Mr W Kinsey, 6/4; 3 Victory Surge, Mr D Thompson, 7/2; 4 Bewery Man, Mr J Roche.

RR Kinfayre Boy, Mr S Bowden; PU Edmo Yewkay, Mr W Easterby, PU Nae Bother At All, Mr J Dawson; PU Oscar Jack, Mr C McCormack; PU Royal Man, Mr N Orpwood; PU Shrewd Investor, Mr P Collins; PU Whereveryougoigo, Mr M Seston, 4/1.

11 ran, Dist 3 Lth and Dist.

Restricted: 1 Supreme Plan, Mr E Cameron, 3/1; 2 Grounded Again, Mr P Collins, 2/1; 3 Rapidolyte De Ladalka, Miss K Bryson, 5/2; 4 Barachois Silver, Mr G Crow, 6/1; 5 Dontpassgo, Mr A Richardson, 6/1.

PU Canndar, Mr R Wilson, 10/1; PU Cyber Mat, Mr D Irving, 10/1; PU In To Win, Mr C McCormack, 10/1; PU Jake Spoon, Mr M Walford, 10/1; PU Merry Eric, Miss C Walton, 6/1; PU Silk And Roses, Mr T Hamilton, 12/1.

11 ran, Dist 3/4 Lth and 20 Lth after stewards’ inquiry.

l In Division Two of the 2m 4f maiden Raid Stane refused at the first then appeared again in the 3m maiden only to pull up.

In the 3m maiden Ifyousayso ran out through the wing of the first, went back, jumped it and continued until pulled up after a circuit.