It’s been a knockout year so far for club

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BOXERS from a Hadston-based club have packed a punch in a series of shows and competitions in 2011.

At the beginning of the year, North Northumberland Amateur Boxing Club representative Judd Donohoe travelled to Scunthorpe to battle it out against the more experienced Alex Foulkes in the semi-final of the Senior Novice Championships, Class B. The bout was keenly contested and Donohoe, 18, carried the greater power but Foulkes, of the famous Vauxhall Motors Club in Liverpool, was exceptionally fast of hand and foot.

The first round saw them sizing each other up. Donohoe, from Alnwick, scored with a couple of big single shots while Foulkes stayed out of trouble and scored with fast bursts.

In the second, Donohoe seemed to steady Foulkes with a big left hand halfway through while Foulkes concentrated on fast body punching.

The third and fourth saw much the same. Foulkes knew he was ahead and tried to cruise the final round but Donohoe kept pushing and made him fight right through to the bell.

Despite the defeat, Donohoe can be proud to have pushed the talented Foulkes – a twice beaten finalist – close and will go for the same competition again.

In other bouts, Josh Milburn, 11, had his first contest at Derwent Manor.

Milburn, from Wooler, boxed a bigger opponent and displayed an excellent defence and worked hard throughout but was beaten on points by the aggressive Aycliffe fighter.

Danny Donohoe, 21, went to Middlesbrough for a rematch with Shazad Aslam, who requested the contest at his home show.

Donohoe, from Alnwick, had beaten Aslam at North Northumberland’s home show in December, ending Aslam’s unbeaten record.

The first round saw Donohoe start where he left off, hurting Aslam with big right hands and a sharper jab.

The second and third round saw Aslam coming in with his head and the fight turned very scrappy and almost impossible to score.

As it was, the result went to Aslam by one point on one card and two points on two cards, with both boxers getting well over the 20 point mark.

Further to this, Aslam has turned down a request for a third bout.

Meanwhile, North Northumberland boxer Joe Whitfield travelled to Durham to face Junior ABA winner and touted local prospect Lewis Scott of Newbiggin.

Whitfield, 20, bossed the fight early on with big long shots, landing almost at will with his right hand.

In the second, the North Northumberland boxer began to work inside and was clearly causing his opponent problems with his body shots.

In the final round, Scott showed real heart as Whitfield, from Forest Hall, unloaded at will, particularly to the body and was given a wide unanimous points victory.

Both Whitfield and club-mate Michael Dixon, who is 26 and from Ashington, will compete in this year’s ABA’s at welterweight and heavyweight divisions respectively.

This tournament is open to every boxer in England and both have shown enough class to have a good go at them. The first round is at Newbiggin Leisure Centre on Saturday.

North Northumberland boxers Craig Robinson, 12 and from Alnwick, and Hadston’s Amar Roopra, 28, travel to Dunston tonight to compete at a show there.