HOCKEY REPORT: Fantastic win against league leaders

Match reports and news from Alnwick Ladies Hockey Club.
Match reports and news from Alnwick Ladies Hockey Club.

Alnwick Ladies I 4 Stockton Roseberry 3

Following last week’s great performance, Alnwick started off strongly against top-of-the-league opposition yesterday.

Stockton proved worthy of their lofty position and managed to score against the run of play in the first 10 minutes (0-1).

This gave Alnwick the kick they needed and, with some quick passing, they were back in the attacking circle with some rapid stick work from Pettifer, which left her with a shot on goal which was saved by the keeper, only for Murray, waiting in the wings, to tap it into the back of the net (1-1).

Alnwick continued to pile on the pressure with some hard work from Gray, Cook, Allan and Brown in the midfield. They managed to outwit them and released the ball up to Murray, who made a quick pass up to Pettifer, which left her one-on-one with the keeper again only to have another shot saved, but a quick rebound allowed Murray to pounce and put the ball into the back of the net (2-1).

Alnwick had the majority of possession for the remainder of the first half to leave them in winning position at half-time.

Stockton came out strongly in the second half and, within minutes, they had already equalised with an unstoppable goal (2-2).

Stokoe, Richardson, Frew and Reed worked extremely hard in defence to keep Stockton at bay. A quick-thinking ball out from Reed up the left-wing gave Murray and Gray time to work some lovely 1-2 passing and feed Cook at the top of the D. A foul from Stockton provided Alnwick with a free hit from the top of D. Quick-thinking Cook caught Stockton off-guard – she drove into the D and scored, making it 3-2.

Stockton started to panic and Alnwick put the pressure on. Play from Richardson at the back found Broom and Brown in a prime position to attack the Stockton defence at full force. Brown confidently by-passed several players, laying a perfect ball off to Pettifer, who worked her magic stick-skills and clinically placed the ball in the back of the net (4-2).

With the clock ticking down, Alnwick’s main aim was to keep possession, however Stockton managed to slip through and grab another goal (4-3).

Alnwick battled to hold onto the win, which was difficult against the ever-pressing Stockton, who managed to have one last shot on goal, which was magically saved by Stokoe then cleared off the line by Richardson to save Alnwick’s skin in the final few minutes of the game.