Sunderland Broom 3 Alnwick 4

From the centre pass, Sunderland powered up the pitch and won a penalty corner.

Pope saved the first shot but the rebound was expertly dispatched into the top of the net – 1-0 to Sunderland with barely a minute on the clock. From the restart, Alnwick were caught in possession and a swift attack resulted in another penalty corner to Sunderland. The resulting shot was dispatched for 2-0.

Alnwick gained possession via the midfield duo of Cook and Allen. The ball found its way into the circle and a penalty corner resulted. A cracking strike by Cook was saved by the goalkeeper but the rebound fell to Horn who calmly slotted the ball into the bottom corner.

Pope, the Alnwick goalkeeper, was required to make a couple of sharp clearances. The defence of Horn, Richardson and Payne were kept busy but gradually Alnwick started to settle down and gain some meaningful possession through the midfield, which resulted in another penalty corner. Cook and Allen exchanged passes at the top of the circle and the resulting shot was saved, but Horn pounced on to the loose ball to score her second.

Just before half-time, a break from Oates was worked into the circle and the loose ball was struck with power by Allen, the umpire awarding a goal, but after consultation it was deemed to have hit the side netting so the half-time whistle sounded at 2-2.

In the second half, Sunderland scored a third from another penalty corner.

Midway through the half, a lifted ball caught Oates in the mouth, resulting in the player having to leave the pitch for treatment. With Alnwick down to 10, the team suddenly began to play with a renewed determination. Pettifer received a pass from Cook and beat three defenders before rounding the goalkeeper to score the equaliser. Another penalty corner was dispatched by Cook to put Alnwick ahead.

Team: D Pope, N Richardson (c), A Payne, S Horn, R Allen, A Cook, J Oates, E Young, N Robson, J Broom, G Pettifer. Player-of-match: G Pettifer.

Alnwick II beat Medics III 4-1, report on Gazette website.