Healthy start to the season

Alnwick 6 Medics 0

Alnwick’s first game of the season saw them up against newly-promoted Medics and they started playing well.

Within minutes, a quick break up the pitch lead to Pettifer collecting the ball just outside the D to score the first of what would become a tally of goals by Pettifer. It wasn’t long before a nice pass by Britton to Pettifer saw her second goal and continuing attacking work by Murray, Cook, Young and Oates made the score 6-0 at half-time, all goals coming from Pettifer.

In the second half, Alnwick continued their great play and any balls going towards their defensive circle were quickly pounced upon by Horn, Richardson, Payne and Taylor.

A great result and a fantastic team effort, giving Alnwick a well-deserved winning start to the season.

Roseberry 4 Alnwick 4

In their first away match of the season on a miserable day, Alnwick scored two goals in quick succession, one by in-form Pettifer and the second by the newly-returned, awesome Murray.

Alnwick continued with good midfield play, hitting some lovely passes through Cook, Young, Reid and Grahamslaw to their forward line of Britton, Murray and Pettifer.

However, it wasn’t long before Roseberry broke, making the score 2-1.

Shortly after, some end-to-end play resulted in Cook making a lovely text-book, back-line pass to Murray, who made the score 3-1 at half-time.

After a team talk by Richardson, who was having to play in goal, Alnwick started the second half well and another goal by Murray made the score 4-1.

Roseberry gathered themselves and attacked the visitors’ defensive line of Horn, Payne and Taylor before getting a ball past Richardson to make the score 4-2. They continued to attack and soon the score was 4-4, making Alnwick nervous.

But they held on by passing the ball well and saving more all the shots on goal.