Harriers turn out in force

Sarah Gray and Pauline Aitchison
Sarah Gray and Pauline Aitchison

Alnwick Harriers

For the second time in six days, a huge number of Harriers took part in the North East Harrier League cross-country races, at Wallington Hall on Saturday, November 30.

The event was organised by Morpeth Harriers and proved to be a hit with our contingent as they provided a great course.

The highlights for the Juniors were fifth-placed finishes for Amy Thorne in the Girls’ U15 race and Rosie Murton in the Girls’ U17/20 race, both from the Fast Packs.

For the Senior Men, there was a superb run by Bruce Crombie, who finished 43rd from the Medium Pack, and who must have one eye on Fast Pack promotion.

For the Senior Women, it was great to see Sarah Syers taking part in her first Harrier League for years and finishing as first Harrier.

The women were the headline-grabbers for the club, finishing a magnificent third of the 30 clubs in Division Two.

Despite the Senior Men being without a few big guns like Dave Kirkland, Geoff Campbell and Danny Richardson, they still managed a very good fifth of the 11 teams in Division Two.

The best team performance for the Juniors was from the Girls’ U15s, who finished a quite brilliant second of the 40 clubs with the counters being Amy Thorne, Jessica Barnaby and Jenny Bolam.

All the Junior teams were well represented by a decent number of Harriers.

The Senior Women’s team put out an astounding 17 runners, a far cry from the handful of runners they were mustering in each race a couple of years ago.

Sarah Gray was second counter, running very well from the Medium Pack to finish just five seconds behind first counter Sarah Syers.

Diana Weightman was once again third counter, helping the team to finish so high up today’s league.

Lesley Miller was fourth to finish, followed by Tracey Sample and Pauline Aitchison, who more than held her own in the Medium Pack.

There were a number of runners having their first cross-country outing of the season, and there was also a Harriers debut for new recruit Rachel Bowyer.

Recent performances show that the Women’s team has some great strength in depth, highlighted by the team missing the likes of Ella Brown, Sam Embleton and Jo Gascoigne-Owens in this fixture.

In the Men’s race, Bruce was joined as a counter by Adam Fletcher, who just held off Graham Simpson.

Phil Hemsley was fourth counter from the Medium Pack, followed by youngster George Skirrow, then Adam Spiller.

There was also an eye-catching performance from Andy Squires further down the field.

Despite a number of absentees, 17 Senior Men took part for the second week running.

Female Harriers: 37-Sarah Syers 33.21 (S); 41-Sarah Gray 33.26 (M); 48-Diana Weightman 33.32 (S); 74-Lesley Miller 34.13 (S); 88-Tracey Sample 34.32 (S); 99-Pauline Aitchison 34.55 (M); 122-Tina Murton 35.53 (S); 141-Mary Plumley 37.10 (S); 143-Sarah Cross 37.15 (S); 149-Sue Bolam 37.25 (S); 189-Ruth Doctor 39.24 (S); 191-Shelley Coates 39.25 (S); 200-Claire Spencer 40.34 (S); 203-Maureen Bartrum 40.50 (S); 225-Audrey Stewart 43.01 (S); 248-Rachel Bowyer 48.35 (S); 249-Eileen Guthrie 48.40 (S.

Male Harriers: 43-Bruce Crombie 42.30 (M); 97-Adam Fletcher 43.27 (M); 100-Graham Simpson 43.33 (S); 127-Phil Hemsley 44.03 (M); 147-George Skirrow 44.23 (S); 246-Adam Spiller 46.38 (S); 261-Richard Agan 46.51 (M); 267-Andy Squires Q47.08 (S); 275-Ian Simon 47.27 (S); 364-Graham Skirrow 51.27 (S); 377-Phil Baston 52.06 (S); 384-David Henderson 52.22 (S); 421-Dave Bartrum 54.18 (S); 426-Dave Hindmarsh 52.45 (S); 428-Cris Atwell 52.59 (S); 460-Dave Coates 58.44 (S); 475-Mark Hume 1.14.11 (S).

U17/20 Girls: 5-Rosie Murton 14.21 (F); 19-Charlotte Baston 1.

U15 Girls: 5-Amy Thorne 15.47 (F); 11-Jessica Barnaby 15.58 (S); 13-Jenny Bolam 16.06 (S); 18-Lucy Embleton 16.31 (S).

U15 Boys: 19-Ben Kelly 14.30 (F); 23-Alfie Murton 14.42 (S); 39-Craig Matthews 15.40 (S).

U13 Girls: 49-Emily Davies 18.34 (S); 52-Grace Forsythe 18.56 (S); 53-Sophie Enser 18.59 (S); 56-Ella Hemsley 19.07 (S).

U13 Boys: 16-Kieron Dover 14.42 (S); 50-Jack Douglas 17.02 (S); 51-Luke McMeeking 17.25 (S); 52-Harrison Brown 17.27 (S); 53-Darren Matthews 17.39 (S).

U11 Mixed: 32-James Taylor 6.29; 42-Max Breese 6.36; 58-Lauren Brown 6.53; 89-Millie Breese 7.29; 90-Ailsa Batley 7.32; 106-Gregor Batley 8.00; 111-Catherine Barnaby 8.18; 113-Ben Carter 10.16.