Good conditions for catching cod

Alnwick Sea Angling Club

Results from Sunday

With a dying northerly swell and plently of colour in the water, conditions were good for cod. George Hornsby had a excellent bag of four cod for 14lb 12oz to win the match. He also had the heaviest fish, a well conditioned cod of 7lb 11oz. Second was Micky Buck, who continued his good start to the season with five cod for 10lb 10oz.

Plenty of other cod were caught and other anglers weighing in were: Anthony Gibbison, five cod, 8lb 8oz; Willie Morton, five, 7lb 14oz; Kevin Donnelly, five, 7lb 13½oz; Ian Hall, two cod, one coal fish, 6lb 6oz; John Stephenson, three cod, 4lb 11½oz; Steve Ayling, one, 3lb 11½oz; Patrick Porteous, two, 3lb 5½oz; Steve Scott, two, 2lb 1oz; Paul Buddles, one, 1lb 13oz.

Amble Sea Angling Club

Results from Sunday

Gav Lockey, conger eel, 13lb 1¼oz; G Srhuler, six cod, 10lb 8½oz; Craig Taylor, four, 8lb 15oz; Andrew Taylor, four, two flats, 7lb 2½oz; Ian Stewart, two, 6lb 14½oz; Gary Arkle, four, 6lb 3oz; Paul Stone, one, 5lb 9oz; Ian Harrogate, three, 5lb 6½oz; Shane Price, one, one coalie, 5lb 4oz; John Tweddle, two, 4lb 15oz; Norma Urwin, two, 3lb 8.3/4oz; Zac Aynsley, two, 2lb 12oz; Rob Newton, one, 2lb; Raffy Gray, one, 1lb 12½oz; K Black (j), two flats, 1lb 10½oz; Andrew Kerr, one cod, 1lb 4½oz. H/fish:Gav Lockey, 13lb 1¼oz. H/flat: Andrew Taylor 15oz. November meeting is today at the Radcliffe Club, starting 7.30pm, all members welcome.