Golf pair hole in one for unique 67m-1 shot

A charity golf day is being held at Ponteland.
A charity golf day is being held at Ponteland.

Two local golfers achieved a remarkable ‘double’ at the weekend when they both had a hole in one at the Bamburgh course.

Nothing unusual in that you may think, after all holes in one, although quite rare – some golfers might never achieve one in their career – are often reported and celebrated in golfing circles.

But Michael Thompson and Mark Dawson both aced the 17th.

And if that wasn’t enough, the pair did it on the same round when they were playing together in the same competition.

They also both used exactly the same club, a two-iron, and to make the feat even rarer, the 17th hole at Bamburgh is actually a par four and not a par three, which is where most holes in one are recorded.

The odds against it happening have been estimated at a staggering 67 million-1.

Michael and Mark were both playing in the first round of the Turkey Trot, which is a winter competition.

Michael was first to play his shot and he drove his ball smoothly over the adjoining field, onto the green and straight into the hole.

Then, up stepped Mark, who did exactly the same.

The pair were unavailable this week, but a club spokesman said: “The whisky flowed back in the clubhouse: two holes in one on the same hole on the same day is rare enough, never mind on a par four and in the same group.”

But that wasn’t all: Mark’s hole in one made a good round potentially a great one, as he had a putt on the 18th for a 59. Sadly it horseshoed around the hole and settled for a 60 – a new amateur course record.