Foxton land double glory

North Northumberland League

Alnmouth (Foxton) golfers celebrated a championship double when the A-team, following the earlier exploits of the B-side, claimed the title in their penultimate match.

The outcome was never in doubt after they established a handsome lead in the closing weeks of the season and the formality was completed with a 9-3 home victory over Berwick.

The quest for runners-up honours will go right to the wire with Alnwick Castle, Berwick and Magdalene Fields separated by a mere two points going into the final round of fixtures.

Next season will see a change in format with three divisions of six teams playing home and away, with promotion and relegation.

A Division

Alnmouth (Foxton) A 9

Berwick 3

R Gander lost to K Gullan 2down; M Carss beat G Greenaway 1up; J Southward beat M Wilson 3 and 2; D Weddell beat A Terras 8 and 7; J Hood halved with I Taylor; S Taylor beat S Wilson 2 and 1.

Bamburgh Castle 10

Burgham Park 2

J Moffet beat P Airey 6 and 4; M Dawson beat G Hewitt 4 and 3; SJ Priestley beat S Miller 7 and 6; A Mackay beat A Charlton 4 and 3; D Gilroy beat C Johnson 5 and 4; J Clements lost to M Rowell 2down.

Dunstanburgh Castle A 6

Rothbury 6

D Saunders beat M Clements 4 and 2; N Cairns beat C White 1up; S Potts lost to M Arkle 6 and 5; S Mullin lost to S Foggett 2down; R Jamieson lost to A Richardson 1down; B Garber beat R Jackson 7 and 6.

Magdalene Fields A 9

Alnwick Castle 3

S Jackson beat A Tate 4 and 2; A Potts beat W Belisle 5 and 4; D Meakin beat D Harrison 2 and 1; P Richarson beat D Swordy 5 and 4; K Atkinson halved with S Barron; S Young lost to A Smith 5 and 3.