Women’s football

Longhoughton Ladies 0 Prudhoe Town 13

Longhoughton Ladies hosted Prudhoe Town in the quarterfinals of the NFA Women’s Cup at Westfield Park.

With Rangers missing a few key players and starting with 10, they knew it was going to be a hard game.

Rangers started brightly but somehow could not settle into what should have been an even game.

Prudhoe attacked at every opportunity and scored a flurry of goals.

Rangers couldn’t bounce back from this and completely lost themselves, almost seeming to give up.

Longhoughton had a quick reshuffle of positions which seemed to momentarily work but it was too late. They left the field 11 goals down and highly humiliated by their own performances.

After a much-required one-way chat by coach Jimmy and captain Jenny, Rangers began the second half desperate to restore their wounded pride.

Longhoughton’s change of keeper proved the turning point when a frustrated Prudhoe attack failed to find the back of the net.

The Rangers team finally got their act together and closed down Prudhoe with some fantastic defence and midfield work. Prudhoe couldn’t believe the difference in their opposition in the second half.

With Rangers’ pride restored, they gave everything they had in the final 30 minutes and played like they should have done from the start.

Longhoughton: Kirk, Conway, Hall, Angus, Lane, Dalby, Graham (C), Roach, Ryder, Price. Opposition player-of-the-match: Price. Coach’s player-of-the-match: Graham. Team sponsor CRG1 Web design.