women’s football

Longhoughton Rangers 0 Newcastle Uni 10

Longhoughton’s first match since the new year saw them hosting an undefeated Newcastle Uni side.

Rangers started with only 10 players but, forever the optimists, they ploughed everything into the game.

Uni attacked and pounced on every loose ball using their pace and skill to slot home a few consecutive goals.

Opportunities arose for Dagliesh, Dawson and Colgan and they tested the keeper, but couldn’t find the net.

Uni scored a further few before half-time.

Rangers started the second half firing on all cylinders and pressed the solid Uni defence with Graham and Dalby attacking the ball and making some great attempts at the net.

The defence of debutant Conway, Simms, Hall and Roach managed to stop a frustrated Uni attack for a while by digging deep and closing down their set-plays, giving Rangers keeper Florence a much-needed break.

However, an injury to Colgan saw Rangers down to nine players, during which time, Uni capitalised and scored twice before full-time.

Longhoughton: L Florence, Conway, Simms, Hall, Roach, Colgan, Graham (c), Dawson, Dalby, Dagliesh. Opposition player-of-the-match: Dagliesh. Coach’s player-of-the-match: Colgan. Match sponsor: Tustain Motors. Team sponsor: CRG1 Web design.