Rothbury speed to victory over Jaguars

Rothbury U10...4 Berwick Jaguars U10...1

Glendale League U10

ROTHBURY started the second half of their U10 Glendale League season in fine fashion with a splendid win over rivals Berwick Jaguars.

Starting brightly on a cold, misty February morning, Rothbury dominated the early part of the match.

Moving the ball crisply from the back to the front, Gareth Rickaby stood out as he tormented the Berwick left flank.

Going one way before accelerating the other with a quick drop of the shoulder, Rickaby produced a stream of quality crosses with which Berwick struggled to cope.

Ben Caisley latched on to one such cross yet shot just wide of the left-hand post.

Alex Wharrier received another cross before powering his shot against the corner of the Berwick cross bar and post.

It seemed that the Berwick goal was bearing a charmed life, especially when Rickaby cut in from the right before shooting narrowly over.

Yet Rothbury kept pressing and their opening goal came from the opposite flank.

Thorsten Robinson first won the ball on the left-hand side before taking the ball to the by-line.

Once there he looked up and rolled the ball across the box to Rickaby who had cut inside from his right-wing post.

Rickaby pounced on the chance as he triumphantly slammed the ball home (1-0).

Rothbury looked to add to their lead. James Williams was driving on the team, effectively breaking up Berwick attacks and starting Rothbury ones.

The second Rothbury goal came after James first won the ball and then exchanged passes with Thorsten.

Williams then looked up and cleverly switched play to Rickaby on the Rothbury right.

This time, upon receiving the ball, Rickaby moved inside and hit a true shot straight into the top right-hand corner of the Berwick net.

The Berwick keeper stretched to his full extent but his hands were agonisingly just short of preventing a great goal (2-0).

Two-nil up at half-time Rothbury were forced to defend at the beginning of the second half.

Niall Murtagh in goal for Rothbury had to become involved in a match that, for the first half, he’d been a spectator.

The first Berwick effort was a great blow which Murtagh spectacularly pushed away after a full length dive to his right-hand side.

Yet Berwick still pressed.

Again Murtagh saved but the rebound was slammed into the net by a Berwick side growing in confidence (2-1).

Berwick could now sense an opportunity in a game that had looked beyond them. Encouraged by rousing support they pressed again.

First Murtagh saved two efforts by Berwick before a quick throw found a Berwick player just outside the Rothbury area.

The Berwick forward let the ball bounce before he lifted it in a cheeky chip towards the Rothbury goal.

Agonisingly for Berwick the ball bounced on top of the Rothbury crossbar before going out of play.

Berwick pressed forward again yet in so doing they began to leave gaps in their defence.

Cameron Austin-Walker leading the Rothbury forward line tackled back well and moved the ball to Rickaby.

Instantly he passed the ball forward to Robinson whose darting midfield run had been undetected by the Berwick defence.

Thorsten kept running, showed the ball to the on-rushing Berwick goalkeeper, before moving it past him.

Robinson with the goal beckoning remained very calm to roll the ball into the empty net (3-1).

The third goal lifted Rothbury and they started to become an attacking force once again.

Austin-Walker shot narrowly wide and Williams had a free-kick well saved by the Berwick goalkeeper.

The game ended with Robinson securing his second, and his team’s fourth goal, in an identical fashion to his first.

Same undetected forward run, same pass by Rickaby, same rounding of the keeper and the same cool finish (4-1).

It was at the double for Rothbury, two for Rickaby and two for Thorsten ‘Mr Cool’ Robinson, made it a great end for the Rothbury side.