Rangers U9s reflect on a successful season

Longhoughton Rangers Football Club U9s
Longhoughton Rangers Football Club U9s

Longhoughton Rangers U9s

As the sun sets on another football season, it is thoroughly heartening to see a local team make good.

LRFC U9s team has made the steep but rewarding climb up to second spot in La Liga of the Northumberland Mini Soccer League, after some good wins both home and away. Coached for a third consecutive year by Dave Clayton, the team have really gelled under his guidance.

By promoting independent thinking and developing attitudes rather than traditional target and instruction, the boys have become a confident, passing team. In fact, Dave is a great believer in consulting his team on what they want to achieve and discussing how they will achieve it.

“It’s easy in youth football to shout instructions and achieve short-term wins, but that doesn’t really provide anything for the players in terms of the bigger picture. We encourage them to learn by trying things out, seeing what works and what doesn’t and learning from the outcome.”

The team is sponsored by ThinkFE, a local education-consultancy group specialising in independent thinking in Sports and Vocational colleges across the UK.

Managing director Martin Renton has long been a supporter of Longhoughton Rangers and said: “I’m proud to sponsor the team. Dave’s coaching mirrors our work in post-16 education, focussing on learning and progress and developing the attitudes to succeed. The dedication and enthusiasm shown is tribute to the coach, the players and the parents and enhances the obvious emphasis on child welfare.”

Coach Clayton said: “They’ve done amazingly well and we’re all extremely grateful to ThinkFE for providing us with the equipment necessary to be able to play.”

Find out more about Longhoughton Rangers YFC at http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/longhoughtonrangers

And ThinkFE Education at: www.thinkfe.com