Rangers denied again

Longhoughton Ladies 1 Bedlington Town 4

Longhoughton hosted Bedlington Town at Westfield Park and with previous defeats still fresh in Rangers’ heads it was evident they wanted a win.

The Rangers defence of Kidell, Graham, Taylor and Roach dug deep and closed down a persistent Bedlington attack and some fantastic saves from keeper Price frustrated Bedlington immensely.

The midfield of Ryder, Baxter, Dawson and Scott ran rings around Bedlington and provided some fantastic opportunities for Mcleod and Purvis, but Rangers just couldn’t find the back of the net.

Rangers fought hard for 35 minutes, however, three changes by Bedlington saw Rangers go 2-0 down at half-time.

The second half saw both teams step up a gear. Rangers conceded a further two goals that keeper Price had no chance of saving. The midfield rallied again and Dawson struck just wide of the post.

With the Bedlington defence rattled, a foul on Baxter in the box saw Ryder step to the penalty-spot and launch the ball over the keeper’s head but it rattled off the crossbar and Rangers were unable to pounce on the rebound.

A further foul on Baxter saw a calm Ryder step up yet again and this time there was no doubt about it (4-1).

An injury to Scott saw Rangers down to 10 men and, in the final 10 minutes, a blip in Rangers’ defence saw Bedlington score another goal.

Longhoughton: L Price, P Kidell, L Taylor, J Graham (c), R Roach, S Ryder, B Baxter, L Scott, S Dawson, L Mcleod, C Purvis. Opposition man-of-the-match: L Price. Coach’s man-of-the-match: S Ryder. Team sponsor: CRG1 web design.