Generous Reserves

Longhoughton Rangers Res...0 Tweedmouth FC...4

LONGHOUGHTON Rangers’ season has been such a story of surprises, perhaps no one should raise an eyebrow any more, writes Thomas Flanighan.

Following the festive period, Rangers will be disputing if it is better to give than receive after gift-wrapping Tweedmouth FC three points. No matter how hard they tried, Rangers could not recover from a horrific start. At times, simple play was needed, but cleverness paid the price when a stray pass fell straight to the Tweedmouth attack.

Not long after, more sloppiness led to goal number two rippling the back of the net after a bulldozing attack straight through the Rangers resistance.

One of the best teams in the league came and went with zero points in the last fixture, yet Rangers’ home record fell at the end of their most demoralising performance thus far – a reality accepted by every single Rangers players after the game.

On a happier note, Longhoughton produced some lovely play around the area, particularly from the Three Amigos, Tom Fleet, Peter Blacklock and Aaron Beattie, and the visitors looked deadly on the counter-attack as chance after chance fell to them.

Even Longhoughton’s chief destructor, Peter Murray, tried to make an impact after fizzing crosses into the box.

Moving into the second half, there was a little more urgency, but nothing which suggested a comeback was on the cards.

Finally, all the lads and fans wish David Troy a speedy recovery from injury, which led to play being suspended for 20 minutes.

Longhoughton Rangers Res: R Wood, M Kiddell, T Convery, A Robinson, D Troy, P Murray, LJ, T Flanighan, A Beattie, P Blacklock, T Fleet, S Thorpe, D Chapman. Man-of-the-match: Aaron Beattie.