Firsts take their share

Newcastle Ladies I...2

Alnwick Ladies I...2

ALNWICK travelled to their closest away game of the season in Newcastle on Saturday aiming to maintain the good form that had secured them a win the previous weekend.

Newcastle started the game the brightest, though, and stunned Alnwick with an early goal just minutes into the first half.

The visitors took the cue to wake up and began dominating the play from the restart. Sharp tackling and passing in midfield from Cook and Reed saw some speedy play up the left-wing linking with forward Murray for some excellent pressure on the opposition goal only to be denied by some great saves from their keeper.

The Alnwick girls continued to enjoy the majority of the possession for the remainder of the first half with some solid tackles and clear-out play from Allen robbing the Newcastle team of the ball.

Despite the pressure and dominant play, Alnwick left the pitch a goal down at half-time. Buoyed by the half-time talk they took to the pitch with renewed vigour for the second half and immediately began to pressure their opponents’ goal.

Cook continued her sparkling form with some great driving runs supported by Brown, whose skilful stick work saw her repeatedly skip past numerous attempted tackles from Newcastle.

The pressure eventually drew reward for Alnwick as Graham took a quick free-hit and fired the ball into the circle, where Britton connected to tip it into the goal. Alnwick continued with their fast pace, attacking game and some great tackling and channelling work from Young kept the Newcastle players frustrated.

Some silky reverse-stick play from Horn stole the ball from an opposition forward and she cleared a long-ball through to the left, where Reed collected and sent a pass on towards Britton at the edge of the circle. In a moment of calm genius Britton turned and passed her opposition defender before sending a powerful shot past the keeper and into the goal to give Alnwick the lead.

A superb stop on the line by Allen denied Newcastle a score from one corner while a charge-down by Richardson deflected another away from danger. The home side were to have the final word, though, after a missed tackle allowed one of their forwards the space to fire a hard and accurate shot into the goal.

Alnwick: C Frew, R Allen, S Horn, N Richardson (c), C Reed, R Murray, A Cook, E Brown, C Britton, T Graham, E Young, S Fairbairn. Player-of-the-match: Ruth Allen