Fired up for big victory

Alnwick Ladies II...6 Newcastle Ladies IV...4

AFTER a week off Alnwick were fired up and ready to go.

They took control from the start with the ball being played into the centre to Dawson, who moved towards the D with pace, firing the ball towards the goal, unfortunately hitting the post.

With the keeper unware, thinking it had gone out, Lincoln reacted quickly and fired the ball into the back of the net (1-0). Rookie Reed in goal made a great save with a one-on-one with a Newcastle attack, however, the visitors were shortly to even the score (1-1).

Fornea then took a powerful strike towards goal from outside the D for S Fairbairn to get a touch on it (2-1).

Newcastle then equalised (2-2).

In the final part of the first half Alnwick stepped up their game, getting two more goals, one from L Brown who received the ball from Lincoln and as the keeper came out she went behind her and slipped it into the net. The other came from Dawson, who sent it flying into the bottom corner of the goal from the top of the D.

Newcastle came back strongly in the second half, getting another goal (4-3). They had a couple more chances but the strong back line of Nixon, Frew and Liddle kept them at bay.

Alnwick also had their chances and were eventually given a penalty-corner which Lincoln received and passed to Dawson then to E Brown who took a shot and quickly grabbed the rebound from the keeper’s save to score (5-3).

Newcastle hit back for 5-4. With strong play from Pringle on the right, Alnwick were awarded another penalty-corner, which Dawson blasted towards the post for L Brown to send in for Fornea to score (6-4).

Alnwick: C Reed, C Nixon, C Frew, A Liddle, H Pringle, E Young. J Fornea, L Brown, S Dawson, S Fairbairn (c), A Lincoln, E Brown, E Fairbairn. Player-of-the-match: S Dawson, Opposition player-of-the-match: C Frew

Alnwick train 7pm at Longhirst on Wednesday nights or meet at Willowburn at 6.30pm for lifts, see website for more details.