Excellent performances at duathlon festival

Alnwick Tri Club

Denise Drummond, Marie Drozdowicz and Robert Balmbra competed in the Stockton Duathlon Festival on Sunday.

Denise and Robert took part in the sprint distance comprising a 5km run, a 20km bike and a 2.5km run, while Marie did the standard-distance race, made up of a 10km run, 40km bike and 5km run.

Balmbra had a good first run, finishing in second place, but is fairly new to cycling so lost ground but had a storming second run to make up a minute-and-a-half on those in front of him to finish in third place overall (second in his senior male category).

Denise Drummond had an excellent bike and an improved run to finish in the top three of her 50-59 age group.

Marie Drozdowicz also had an excellent bike to go with her great run to finish second in the 50-59 age group.

In York, Amy Thorne raced the York Triathlon over the distances of 400m pool swim, 18km bike and 5km run.

After a stunning year in 2014, Amy started out the season as she means to go on with a second female overall (second junior) at the race.

She had the second-quickest swim and second-quickest bike time of the day, but outran the rest for the race win.

Tracey Sample, Alnwick and District Sports Council’s Coach of the Year 2014, also showed she can race, over the same course as Amy Thorne but in the elite, draft-legal wave of the race.

The elite wave was distinguished by a mass start in the swim and the ability to draft (sit directly behind the bike in front).

Sample put in a personal best in the water, but was still second last out of the pool and had to carve her way through the field on the cycle segment up to get off the bike in second place. She was outrun and finally finished in third place.

l GoTri Northumberland Triathlon, organised by Alnwick Tri Club took place on Saturday, at the Amble Health and Fitness Club.

This race was part of the Triathlon England GoTri 1,000 initiative to get 1,000 new people to try triathlon over the whole country over the weekend at specifically-designed low-cost events.

Thirty competitors took part, most being complete novices doing their first triathlon. The swim was 200m in the Amble Health and Fitness Club swimming pool.

This was the portion that most of the competitors worried about but everyone got through.

The three miles on the bike became very competitive, especially among the Alnwick Tri Juniors with Robert Stephenson working hard to catch Jack Carrigan.

Carrigan’s superior running came into its own on the 1km run where he pulled ahead to win the race with Stephenson in second.

Oliver Gillingham had a brilliant swim and a great bike and run to finish third in his first race.

In the women’s race, Jenny Bolam lead out of the water and stayed in the lead until the finish.

Isabel Fountain finished the swim in second, but Justine Norman came through the field on the bike and had a very strong run to take second place.

Fountain finished a convincing third. After everyone had finished the Old Storehouse laid on some fabulous bacon butties.

Results: 1 Jack Carrigan, 19m 22s; 2 Robert Stephenson, 20m 3s; 4 Oliver Gillingham, 20m 58s; 6 (First female) Jenny Bolam, 21m 28s; 7 (Second female) Justine Norman, 21m 42s; 1 Tim Shepherd, 23m 30s; 13 (third female) Isabel Fountain, 24m 5s; 14 Alex Donaldson, 24m 7s; 16 Gil Owens, 24m 43s; 18 Rachel Bowyer, 25m 14s; 19=Christine Smith, 25m 20s, Tania Conway, 25m 20s; 23 Eileen Guthrie, 26m 10s; 24 Derek Guthrie, 26m 33s.