Dolphins take the pool by storm

TALENTED swimmers from Alnwick Dolphins had success in the pool in the Durham Graded Meet earlier this month.

County qualifying times went to Lewis Bryson in the 100m individual medley, Eve Buddle in the 50m breaststroke, 50m fly, 50m freestyle and the 100m individual medley and Jake Cross in the 50m backstroke, the 50m freestyle and the 50m breaststroke.

Lucy Hodgson also grabbed a county qualifying time in the 50m breaststroke, as did Samual Macphee in the 50m backstroke.

County qualifying times were also on the cards for Kate Macphee in the 100m freestyle, Andrew Hubbard in the 100m breaststroke and the 100m individual medley, Ben Saxon in the 100m individual medley and Rebecca Dobbins in everything she swam, including the 50m freestyle, 50m breaststroke and 50m backstroke.

There were also club records at Age on Day, which went to Jake Cross in the 50m backstroke, Lewis Bryson in the 100m individual medley and to Rebecca Dobbins in the 50m freestyle and the 200m freestyle.

Full results:

Lewis Bryson (age 9): Gold, 100m individual medley (PB 1:34.28); Bronze, 50m freestyle (38.74); Fourth, 50m backstroke (PB 44.01); Fourth, 50m fly (PB 47.74); Fourth, 50m breaststroke (PB 53.79).

Eve Buddle (age 9): Gold, 50m fly (42.23); Silver, 50m freestyle (PB 36.59); Silver, 50m backstroke (PB 43.61); Silver, 100m individual medley (PB 1:31.72); Fourth, 50m breaststroke (PB 48.15).

Jake Cross (age 9): Gold, 50m breaststroke (PB 50.59); Silver, 50m backstroke (PB 42.93); Silver, 50m freestyle (PB 37.80).

Rebecca Dobbins (age 9): Gold, 50m freestyle (PB 35.50); Gold, 50m breaststroke (45.70); Gold, 50m backstroke (PB 42.12); Gold, 100m individual medley (PB 1:29.39); Gold, 200m freestyle (PB 2:47.20); Silver, 50m fly (PB 42.56).

Lucy Hodgson (age 9): Bronze, 50m breaststroke (PB 47.99); Bronze, 50m freestyle (39.11); Bronze, 50m backstroke (45.44); Fourth, 50m fly (47.93); Fourth, 100m individual medley (PB 1:35.14).

Samuel Macphee (age 9): Fifth, 200m freestyle (3:37.49); Sixth, 50m backstroke (PB 47.73); Eighth, 50m freestyle (44.69).

Ben Saxon (age 9): Silver, 50m fly (PB 46.69); Bronze, 50m backstroke (PB 43.82); Fourth, 100m individual medley (PB 1:43.03); Sixth, 50m freestyle (41.64); Sixth, 50m breaststroke (PB 58.29).

Molly Baxter (age 10): 15th, 50m backstroke (PB 47.47); 20th, 50m fly (PB 49.24); 21st, 50m freestyle (PB 41.42); 22nd, 50m breaststroke (PB 55.21).

Luke Fahy (age 10): Eighth, 200m freestyle (PB 3:09.62); Ninth, 100m individual medley (PB 1:39.70); Ninth, 50m fly (53.43); 11th, 50m freestyle (PB 38.70); 15th, 50m breaststroke (56.39).

Ben Kelly (age 10): Bronze, 200m freestyle (2:49.90); Bronze, 50m breaststroke (PB 47.10); Fifth, 50m backstroke (41.18); Sixth, 100m individual medley (PB 1:30.85); Sixth, 50m freestyle (36.19).

Lauren Vickers (age 10): 20th, 100m individual medley (PB 1:44.20); 26th, 50m freestyle (PB 43.37).

Joseph Dobbins (age 11): Gold, 100m breaststroke (1:37.80); Fourth, 100m backstroke (PB 1:27.40); Fifth, 100m individual medley (1:32.77); Sixth, 200m freestyle (2:51.90); Seventh, 100m freestyle (1:21.15).

Ben Hardy (age 11): 11th, 100m breaststroke (PB 2:02.46); 12th, 100m freestyle (1:41.69).

Jenny Hubbard (age 11): 19th, 100m freestyle (1:25.01); 22nd, 100m individual medley (PB 1:37.38); 24th, 100m breaststroke (PB 1:53.27).

Kate Macphee (age 11): Bronze, 100m fly (1:32.45); Seventh, 100m freestyle (PB 1:14.86); Seventh, 100m individual medley (PB 1:27.64); Eighth, 200m freestyle (PB 2:39.62).

Kieran Vickers (age 12): Bronze, 100m breaststroke (PB 1:37.29); Fifth, 200m freestyle (PB 2:58.48).

Alice Hall-Thomas (age 13): Eighth, 100m backstroke (PB 1:25.34); 12th, 100m breaststroke (PB 1:43.87); 15th, 100m individual medley (PB 1:29.41); 15th, 200m freestyle (PB 2:50.95).

Andrew Hubbard (age 14): Fifth, 100m breaststroke (PB 1:24.19); Sixth, 100m freestyle (PB 1:04.26); Seventh, 200m freestyle (PB 2:18.83); Seventh, 100m individual medley (PB 1:14.80).