Difficult conditions in high winds

Alnwick Sea Angling Club

Strong north-westerly winds made fishing more difficult this week as it meant varying sea conditions along the coast.

Ian Hall continued with his good form and picked his spot well to win the match.

Ian caught four cod for 11lb 8oz and also had the heaviest fish, a good conditioned cod of 7lb 6oz, second was John Stephenson with a cod of 7lb 3oz, only narrowly missing out on the heaviest fish.

Other anglers weighing in were: Patrick Porteous, one cod, 2lb 8oz; Anthony Gibbison, one cod, 2lb 1½oz; Steve Scott, one cod, 2lb 1oz; Mickey Buck, one cod, 1lb 10oz; Clive Miller, one cod, 1lb 9oz.

Amble Angling Club

Results from Sunday: Les Weller, one cod, 2lb 1oz; Tony Cook, one flounder, 9½oz.

Both monsters caught at the Whitehouse Sands!