Derby-day triumph

Morpeth II...1 Alnwick I...2

THE derby Cup game took place in miserable, wet weather at Longhirst on Sunday.

The team started strongly with some superb passing between Cook and Lincoln driving through the Morpeth midfield.

Alnwick’s front-line and midfield pace and skill saw a number of shots on goal.

Persistence paid off and with a team effort from Lincoln, Humphries and Cook, Lincoln made the decisive hit for 1-0.

The second half started with Morpeth on the counter-attack, applying pressure on the Alnwick defence. Great clearances and link-play from Alnwick edged them back in the game and into Morpeth’s half. But late in the half, Morpeth broke quickly, cutting through the Alnwick defence making it 1-1.

The midfield of Lincoln and Brown and the speed and ability of Alnwick’s forwards – Murray, Graham and Pettifer – provided Alnwick with a fantastic drives.

Alnwick’s determination in the final two minutes saw Brown score a fantastic goal- her fourth of the weekend (2-1).

Alnwick: Frew, Allen, Horn, Oates, Lincoln, Cook, Reed, Brown, Murray, Humphries, Graham, Pettifer.Sponsors: Café Tirreno.