Coquet’s rising even after light showers

A small amount of rain made a tiny rise in the Coquet river level. This resulted in salmon being caught in the High Park area of the Federations water, writes Bob Smith.

One angler caught a salmon on the fly and lost another soon afterwards. Another guy caught a silver salmon in the same area, a fish of nine pounds which took a black flying C.

I spent some time with a young lad from Rothbury on the town water. He was new to fly-fishing and knew little about how to handle a rod.

However, he very quickly learnt how to perform a reasonable single Spey cast with his single-handed rod. With an improved cast he soon started to catch the brown trout in the river.

Catching fish really does motivate beginners and boosts their confidence.

On the way to meet another angler, I had to travel down a narrow country road.

A stoat came out of the grass verge and onto the road. I stopped the car, and another stoat appeared. The two stoats then had what looked like a play fight, before two more joined in the fun. The four of them were locked together and suddenly it all broke up and they disappeared.

A new trout venue is opening soon near Hexham. Final preparations are underway and it should be opening to the public soon. It is quite small, about two-and-a-half acres, but it is in a tremendous location. A maximum of six/seven rods will be available on a daily basis and the fishery will carry brown, blue and rainbow trout. Watch this space for further updates.

Two days have been spent coaching at Chatton Fishery this week. The first day was warm and bright and my pupil was a complete beginner.

We spent a couple of hours getting him to cast a reasonable line and then tried to catch a trout.

Altogether, in the next two hours, he had six takes.

Three trout got off and he played and landed the other three fish. Successful flies were an olive Shipman’s buzzer and a size-14 goldheaded nymph.

My second day at Chatton was with Noel and his son Tom. They had cast a fly-line on grass before, but never on water. The day was overcast with a disagreeable blustery wind. But both guys were getting a nice straight line out fairly quickly.

Tom lost his first trout when fishing a buzzer. With his next take, he managed to keep the correct amount of tension on the line and netted a two-and-a-half-pound trout.

Noel hooked, played and landed his first trout soon after. Both guys went home very happy and want more sessions with me; the acid test (must be doing something right).

Chatton has produced two double-figure trout this week, the biggest was 15lbs.

That fish was caught during the late-night opening on a Friday evening. Bags of up to 18 trout were recorded in the week.

The fishery is hosting a ladies day this Saturday from 9.30am to 4pm. All ladies are most welcome. The price for fishing and lunch is £20.

I also had a day fishing on the Whiteadder with a client. The river unfortunately is still low and clear. The stones on the river bed are covered in slime and a good flush is required to clean the river and get the fish moving. We did see one salmon in a pool, but it slowly glided across the river and lay under a mass of tree roots where it was impossible to get a fly anywhere near it.

Sweethope Fishery has had a busy week with flies such as daddies, soldier palmer and buzzers taking the majority of fish.

My friend and ex-pupil, Scott Nellins, who has represented England at junior and senior level, caught 19 trout on a single visit.

South Linden reports a big double was caught this week and a good number of bags of over 10 trout. Unfortunately the bait lake will be closed until further notice.

I am running taster session for youngsters at Chatton fishery every week during the summer holidays. The sessions are heavily subsidised and are available either in the morning or afternoon.

All the details are on the Chatton website, so if anyone is interested you must book your place in advance. Tackle will be provided, the price of the fishing ticket and tuition are all included in the price.

Anyone wanting advice or tuition please contact me through my website or ring 01670514086/ 07984810791.