Club news round-up

Angling news.
Angling news.

Results from the angling clubs.

Alnwick Sea Angling Club

Strong southerly winds made fishing difficult on Sunday and there were few areas that were fishable.

Anthony Gibbison won the match with three cod for 8lb 11½oz, second was Steve Scott who also had three cod for 6lb 2½oz, Willy Morton had the heaviest fish a cod of 4lb 5½oz.

Other anglers weighing in were: Kevin Donnelly, three cod, 4lb 5½oz; Willy Morton, one cod, 4lb 5½oz; Steve McKee, one cod, 4lb 4oz; Patrick Porteous, one cod, 3lb 2½oz; Ian Hall, one cod, 1lb 9oz; Mickey Buck, one cod, 1lb 6½oz; Andrew Stanton, one cod, 1lb 6oz; Antony Abbott, one cod, 1lb 2½oz; John Stephenson, one cod, 1lb ½oz; George Hornsby, one coalie, 12½oz.

Anthony Gibbison also won the singles knock-out, narrowly beating Steve Scott.

Amble Sea Angling Club – Open 2014

Fished on Sunday, January 5.

Heaviest bag: Ben Laws (Whitby), seven cod, 14lb 11oz; 2 Jim Dobie (Peterlee), 14 flats, 13lb 8¾oz; 3 Gordon Fairley (Amble), 17 flats, 12lb 3¼oz.

Heaviest fish: Gareth Gardner (Sunderland), cod, 7lb 0¾oz; 2 Darren Bell (Newbiggin), cod, 6lb 13oz; 3 Peter Ramsdale (S/Shields), cod, 6lb 10½oz.

Heavist flatfish: Alan Wood (Cramlington), 1lb 14½oz; 2 Steven Smith (Newbiggin), 1lb 11½oz; joint third Neil Charlton (Newcastle), 1lb 9¾oz; Jason French (Amble); George Hall (Felton).

Ladies’ winner: Pauline Ferry, six flats, 4lb 12¾oz; 2 Sarah Johnson, one cod, 1lb 15½oz; 3 Norma Urwin, one flat, 10oz.

Junior winner: Ethane Marshall (Amble), four flats, 3lb 10¼oz; 2 Ross Taylor (Amble), four flats, 3lb 9¼oz; joint third Louis Willoughby (Widdrington), four flats, 3lb; D Tate (Sunderland), four flats, 3lb.

Final official numbers, 379 fished, 124 weighed in 373 fish for a total of 443lb 11½oz.

The organisers would like to thank all the anglers who turned out and all the local tackle shops and businesses for their continued generous support, without which this event would not exist.

The club pairs knockout starts on Sunday. Names must be put down at Norma’s before Sunday lunchtime.