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Angling news.

Angling results from Alnwick and Amble

Alnwick Sea Angling Club

A dying northerly sea fished over low water made conditions good for cod. There were some excellent bags of codling caught this week, which included some better fish.

Anthony Gibbison won the match with 10 cod for 23lb 8oz, second was Steve Scott, seven cod –19lb 3½oz, only narrowly beating Steve McKee, six cod – 19lb 2½oz, fourth was Willy Morton, six cod – 15lb ½oz, Willy also had the heaviest fish, a nice cod of 6lb 9½oz.

Other anglers weighing in were Andrew Stanton, six cod 11lb 13oz; George Hornsby, three cod, 6lb 4oz; Roberto Peruzzo, two cod, 5lb 3oz; Kevin Donnelly, three cod, 3lb 11½oz; Clive Miller, one cod, one coalie, 2lb 12oz; Antony Abbott, one cod, 2lb 8oz; Darren Ferrow, one cod, 1lb 8oz.

Amble Sea Angling Club

Results: Zac Aynsley, three cod, 6lb 5¼oz; Craig Middlemist, one cod, two flats, 4lb 8¾oz; Jimmy Bullock, eight flats, 4lb 5½oz; Craig Taylor, four flats, 3lb 3½oz; Kevin Anderson, one cod, one flat, 3lb 0¾oz; Colin Dawson, one whiting, two flats, 2lb 7oz; Ross Taylor (J), three flats, 2lb 5½oz; Joseph Gair (J), two cod, 1lb 15oz; Phil Embleton, one cod, 1lb 15oz; Ken Middlemist, three flats, 1lb 12oz. Heaviest fish: Zac Aynsley, 3lb 8oz. Heaviest flat: Craig Taylor, 1lb 3¼oz.

The December meeting is tonight at 7.30pm, at the Radcliffe Club, Amble. New members always welcome.