Church Ladies shown the way

Alnwick Ladies II...4 Jesmond Parish Church HC Ladies II... 0

ALNWICK faced JPC at home on a very cold afternoon on Sunday.

The game started slowly with JPC attacking strongly, but Alnwick defended strongly. JPC were awarded a penalty-corner, which was well saved by Taylor. Strong defending from Alnwick turned into attack, with Broom, Fornear, McMeekin and Dawson working well together.

A strong pass outside the D from Pringle to Lincon, saw Lincon striking the ball, which deflected off an opposition stick into the goal to give Alnwick the lead (1-0).

JPC put in some strong attacking and Taylor made some good saves.

Alnwick picking up the pace from the second-half whistle. Their perseverance paid off, with Alnwick awarded some penalty corners.

Fornear crossed the ball to Lincon, who took a strike into the left corner of the goal, putting Alnwick 2-0 ahead.

Alnwick’s defence worked well, wining the ball from the sideline. Nixon hit the ball up the side-line to Pringle, who passed to Lincon in the D. She took a clean strike at the goal, taking Alnwick to 3-0.

JPC restarted but Fornear put in a strong tackle to win the ball and worked well with Dawson, whose strong strike at goal made it 4-0.

Alnwick: L Taylor, C Nixon (c), L Taylor, S Roberts, J Broom, J Fornear, H Pringle, H Todd, J McMeekin, S Dawson, A Lincon, E Fairbairn, A Liddle. Player-of-the-match: Linzi Taylor.